Pavement Condition

Pavement Condition Index (PCI)

What is PCI?

Pavement Condition Index, or PCI, is a numerical index between 0 and 100, which is used to indicate the condition of a specific section of road pavement. Note that PCI does not apply to dirt and gravel roads.

Pavement Inspections

PCI is determined by a manual inspection process, done on site by professional pavement inspectors. Inspectors score a section of roadway by conducting a detailed examination of pavement features such as cracking and potholes.

Map of Current PCI

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SymbolPCI 0-24PCI 25 to 49PCI 50-69PCI 70-89PCI 90-100
PCI0 to 2425 to 4950 to 69 70 to 8990 to 100
MeaningVery PoorPoorGoodVery GoodExcellent

Historical Pavement Condition Trends

 PCI:4448485151 4850 5050

Last updated: March 2020

Results are generated using the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's pavement management software system, StreetSaver.

Current PCI by Functional Class

Number of Miles% of Total Road MilesAverage PCI
Minor Arterial77.35.480
Principal Arterial1.30.178
Major Collector316.222.470
Minor Collector114.88.150
Local Roads901.964.037
Last updated: March, 2020      


Local roads make up the majority of the County's road system. These are in poor condition, and bring down the system-wide average PCI.

Major Collector and Arterial roads have been kept in better condition. These see higher usage, and therefore receive more funding for pavement maintenance.

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