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  • 75x75 Caltrans 4

    Sonoma County roads symbolized by Functional Classification, as designated by the State of California.

  • 75x75 Bridge 2

    Bridges, culverts, storm drains, and various other structures found on Sonoma County roads.

  • 75x75 Pavement 1

    Sonoma County Road Categories, as designated by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors in conjunction with the Department of Transportation & Public Works.

  • 75x75 Storm Water 1

    Displays storm water destination, and related drainage features, such as streams, open channels, storm drain systems, and culverts.

  • 75x75 No-Parking

    Parking-restricted areas on County-Maintained roads. Features include No Parking Zones, Tow Away Zones, Disabled Parking Zones, Loading Zones, and various other types of parking-restricted areas.

  • 75x75 PCI Dial 1

    Pavement condition on Sonoma County roads, as indicated by periodic inspection ratings.

  • 75x75 Pavement Cuts 1

    Pavement cuts, by a utility company or any other party, are prohibited on any road that has been repaved within the last five (5) calendar years.

  • 75x75 Completed PPP 1

    Paving and other road surfacing treatment projects done on Sonoma County roads.

  • 75x75 Completed PPP 1

    Paving and other road surfacing treatment projects planned during the 2018-2019 fiscal years for Sonoma County roads.

  • Postmile Book

    Displays significant locations along County-maintained roads that have been assigned a postmile. Features include bridges, intersections, culverts, and changes in jurisdiction.

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