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What We Do

Maintenance crews work every day to keep County roads safe and passable. This entails a vast array of work, including repairing damaged pavement, cleaning and repairing signs, cleaning drainage channels, mowing grass and removing vegetation, removing landslides, as well as responding to public complaints and requests.

Maintenance of Sonoma County roads is administered by the Roads Division of the Department of Transportation and Public Works.

Road Yard Locations


(707) 565-5100
32700 Annapolis Road


(707) 565-5100
9200 Water Road


(707) 565-5100
14900 Armstrong Woods Road


(707) 565-5100
17270 Healdsburg Ave.

Santa Rosa

(707) 565-5100
2175 Airport Blvd


(707) 565-5100
19722 Eighth St E

Frequent Issues

Pot Holes and Pavement Repair

With about 2,700 lane miles of roadway to manage, and limited funding for large-scale road improvement projects, pot holes and other forms of damaged pavement are a common occurrence.

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Overgrown Vegetation

Transportation & Public Works Road Maintenance crews deal specifically with vegetation management on County roads for the purpose of keeping the roadway unobstructed. Road Maintenance crews do not manage vegetation on private property, or any facility other than County roads. If you spot a section of road, road sign, street light, or other road safety infrastructure obstructed by vegetation, please contact us right away.

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Road Sign Maintenance

The County maintains over 18,000 road signs (street name signs, stop signs, speed limit signs, etc.), each of which needs to be periodically cleaned for visibility, and occasionally repaired.

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Contact Information

Business Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Contact us by Phone
Office Location
La Plaza B
2300 County Center Drive
Suite B 100
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
38.462023, -122.725381

Measure M

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Road Jurisdictions

Road Jurisdictions

Who maintains which roads?


Find out about State highways, county roads, city streets, and private roads.