Highway 12 Corridor
Improvement Project
Phase II, Stage 2

Project # C08002

Status: Complete


The State Route 12 Corridor Improvement Project Phase II Stage 2 consists of construction of pedestrian and bicycle facilities, roadway widening, asphalt pavement replacement, installation of curbs, gutters and sidewalks, stormwater treatment devices, pedestrian level street lights, and traffic signal modifications on State Route 12 between Agua Caliente Road and Boyes Blvd in the Springs Area of Sonoma Valley.

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State Highway 12, between Agua Caliente Road and Boyes Boulevard, just North of the city of Sonoma.


In 2010, important upgrades were completed on Highway 12 from Encinas Lane to Boyes Boulevard by the Springs Redevelopment Agency. In 2011, while the Agency was planning phase ll of the project from Boyes Boulevard to Agua Caliente, the state dissolved the redevelopment agencies - delaying forward progress for Phase ll of the project.

Although Highway 12 is a State Highway and not normally maintained by the County, the Board of Supervisors knew that upgrades were needed. The Board agreed to dedicate funding to complete Phase ll of the project.

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