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2019 Flood Tree Debris Removal (M31824-TDR)

General Work Description:

Project Description: The project proposes to remove tree debris caused by the 2019 winter storms. Tree debris is stockpiled at two locations: Annapolis Transfer Station and Sonoma County Airport Yard. Contractor will dispose of the existing tree debris. Contractor will be responsible for the final disposal site for debris hauled off the Annapolis Transfer Station and Sonoma County Airport Yard.

This project seeks FEMA reimbursement, therefore contractor shall follow all FEMA regulations found in the bid book. Contractor shall follow FEMA Debris Management Guide and provide adequate documentation to meet FEMA eligibility requirement for all debris removal operations.

Project Location:
The project site is located at Annapolis Transfer Station, 33549 Annapolis Road and Sonoma County Airport Yard, 5200 Slusser Road.

General Information

Engineer’s Estimate: $87,250.

Working Days: 15.

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