2016 Maintenance Chip Seals


Application of chip sealing surface treatment on various County roads. Work executed by Transportation & Public Works Road Maintenance crews (this is not a contract project).

What is a chip seal?


  • Burnside Road, from Watertrough Road to Barnett Valley Rd (Road ID 69012, from postmile 10.00 to to 12.64)
  • Chalk Hill Road, from Pleasant Avenue to Morse Road (Road ID 8806, from postmile 10.00 to 13.73)
  • Corona Road, from Ely Rd to City Limits (Road ID 5708, from postmile 10.72 to 11.14)
  • East Napa Street, from Sonoma City Limit to 8th Street East (Road ID 5506, from postmile 10.31 to 10.64)
  • Ely Road, from Old Redwood Hwy to Corona Rd (Road ID 5704, from postmile 10.00 to 11.16)
  • Graton Road, from Bohemian Hwy to Atascadero Creek (Road ID 7901, from postmile 10.00 to 15.26)
  • Madrone Road, from Hwy 12 to Arnold Dr (Road ID 6605, from postmile 10.00 to 10.91)
  • Skillman Lane, from Bodega Ave to Corona Rd (Road ID 57029, from postmile 10.00 to 12.55)
  • Stewarts Point Skaggs Springs Road, from hillside viaduct (Bridge # 20C0531) to Old Skaggs Springs Road (Road ID 0001B, from postmile 26.57 to 33.34)
  • Stewarts Point Skaggs Springs Road, from Old Skaggs Springs Road to Warm Springs Creek (Road ID 0001C, from postmile 33.34 to 34.32)
  • Vine Hill Road, from Hwy 116 to Laguna Rd (Road ID 7904A, from postmile 9.71 to 13.01)
  • Warm Springs Road, from Bennett Valley Rd to Hwy 12 (Road ID 6602, from postmile 12.40 to 15.14)
  • Woolsey Road, from Old Trenton Rd to Heighs Rd (Road ID 79081, from postmile 10.00 to 12.00)


Total Miles of Treatment: 32.79

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