• Chip Seal 1

2016 Pavement Preservation
Full-Depth Reclamation & Chip Seal

Project # C16051


Full depth reclamation of various County roads and chip seals of various county roads including but not limited to asphalt concrete overlay of roadway, adjusting utility covers, guard rails, applying striping, installing delineators, repairing pavement structural section, cold planing, shoulder backing, traffic signal modification and such other items or details, not mentioned above, that are required by the plans and Standard Specifications. 

Paving Locations

Chip Seal

  • Slusser Road, River Road to Windsor City Limit (Road ID 7903A, postmile 10.00 to 11.96
  • Valley Ford-Freestone Road, Highway 1 to Bodega Highway (Road ID 6001, postmile 10.00 to 12.60
  • Liberty Road, Skillman Lane to Pepper Road (Road ID 58016, postmile 10.00 to 11.94
  • Los Alamos Road, Santa Rosa City Limit to Northerly (Road ID 77005, postmile 10.94 to 11.80
  • Pepper Road, Bodega Avenue to Mecham Road (Road ID 5801, postmile 10.00 to 12.59)

Full-Depth Reclamation

  • Faught Road, from Carriage Lane to Pleasant Avenue (Road ID 8807, postmile 10.41 to 12.67
  • Frei Road, from Guerneville Road to Highway 116 (Road ID 79039, postmile 10.00 to 11.41)
  • Irwin Road, from Hall Road to Highway 12 (Road ID 78024, postmile 10.00 to 11.81)
  • Llano Road, from Todd Road to Highway 116 (Road ID 6805, postmile 10.00 to 11.96
  • Piner Road, from Olivet Road to Santa Rosa City Limit (Road ID 7811, postmile 10.00 to  12.52
  • Pleasant Avenue, from Faught Road to Windsor City Limit (Road ID 8805, postmile 10.41 to 11.16
  • Watmaugh Road, from Highway 116 to Arnold Drive (Road ID 5504, postmile 10.00 to 10.93)

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