2015 Maintenance Chip Seals

Project # M15201

Status: Complete


What is a Chip Seal?

A Chip Seal is a relatively fast and comparatively cost effective road surface treatment that extends the life of pavement. An oil polymer designed to penetrate the existing asphalt surface and replenish the lost oils is sprayed onto the road, which creates a tough binder for the rock chips. A thin layer of chipped rock is then applied immediately behind the oil. The new surface is then rolled to embed the chips in the asphalt. The chip seal application is followed by two to three days of sweeping for excess kick-off of the rock chip as needed, and finally reapplying striping and stenciling.

Drivers, Take Caution!

Please slow for construction zones! After a road has been chip sealed keep a reduced speed of 25 MPH for the first 24 hours, while the oil is curing and fully bonding the rock.


  • Chalk Hill Road, from Spurgeon Road to HWY 128 (Road ID 8806, postmile 13.73 to 18.03).
  • Corona Road, from Ely Road to Adobe Road (Road ID 5708, postmile 11.14 to 12.15).
  • Hall Road, from Sanford Road to Santa Rosa City Limits (Road ID 78130, postmile 10.00 to 12.72).
  • Laguna Road, from Guerneville Road to Trenton Road (Road ID 79045 & 7904B, postmile 10.00 to 12.42).
  • Piezzi Road, from Occidental Road to Hall Road (Road ID 79003, postmile 10.00 to 11.01).
  • Pressley Road, from Roberts Road to Sonoma Mountain Road (Road ID 67001A, postmile 11.36 to 14.26).
  • Roberts Road, from Petaluma Hill Road to Lichau Road (Road ID 67001A, postmile 10.00 to 11.36).
  • Stewarts Point Skaggs Springs Road, from around Warm Springs Creek east for four miles (Road ID 0001C, postmile 34.32 to 38.70).
  • Trenton Healdsburg Road, from River Road to Eastside Road (Road ID 7905B, postmile 9.89 to 11.28).


Total Miles of Treatment: 21.49

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