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Traffic Calming Solutions on Highly Traveled Agua Caliente Road

Santa Rosa, CA  –  February 17, 2016  –  The Sonoma County Department of Transportation and Public Works is implementing new traffic calming measures on Agua Caliente Road West, between Sonoma Creek and Highway 12, to improve traffic safety conditions for motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and public transportation users.

“Traffic improvements often require a multifaceted approach,” said Sonoma County Supervisor Susan Gorin. “On Agua Caliente we were pleased to facilitate a collaborative solution with neighbors, the California Highway Patrol, and Transportation and Public Work’s Traffic Engineers.”

Transportation and Public Works performed speed and traffic volume data collection to identify high speed patterns. Based on the patterns, the California Highway Patrol set up a radar trailer and implemented additional speed enforcement measures. Transportation and Public Works designed and added features to encourage drivers to slow down and stay alert to changing conditions.

New features include additional advance warning signage to inform eastbound motorists coming from Arnold Drive of the reduced 30 mile per hour speed limit and intersections east of Sonoma Creek. New yellow reflective markers along the road centerline enhances centerline visibility while providing a road narrowing effect for drivers to further discourage higher speeds. Additionally, Transportation and Public Works will be installing speed display signs for both westbound and eastbound traffic. These speed display signs work by providing active notification to approaching motorists on their current speed, serving as a reminder to travel within the posted speed limit.

In response to concerns from residents, Transportation and Public Works conducted sight-distance reviews at the existing driveways between Lake Street and Highway 12 to identify areas where parking restrictions will increase sight distance. In February, red curbs will be installed on this section of Agua Caliente Road near driveways for better visibility. Working with Sonoma County Transit, no parking signs and steel reflective posts have been installed on the southeast corner of Agua Caliente and Lake Street to prevent parking at the Sonoma County Transit stop.

Transportation and Public Works encourages motorists to stay alert to changed conditions, and park in designated areas. New signs and traffic features will provide motorists with additional information on road conditions and feedback on speed. All road users are encouraged to observe new and existing rules of the road, out of consideration for personal safety and your neighbors.

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