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Winter Newsletter 2015-2016

Keeping Roads Clear 24-7, 365

Sonoma Mountain Road Maintenance WebHave you ever heard the east-coast sentiment: there are two seasons – winter and road work? Well, here in Sonoma County you could not be more off. Our road maintenance crews work year-round to keep our roads safe, particularly during winter storms. This 2015-16 winter season our road maintenance crews have:

Cleared 44 down trees
Managed 27 flood related road closures
Cleared 25 slides

After a few dry winters we have seen an increase in the amount of culvert cleaning and repair required due to this year’s rains. So far this winter we have cleared culverts on 126 roads.

More information on road maintenance.

Bridges Move Sonoma County

O'Donnell Lane BridgeThere are over 600 bridges in all of Sonoma County. Over half of them – 327 – are on county-maintained roads, in the unincorporated area outside of city limits. Transportation and Public Works maintains and operates all 327 bridges, more than any other County in the Bay Area by almost 200 bridges.

These bridges are an important part of the Sonoma County transportation system. Every day, over 800,000 trips on average are made over these bridges. In California, all designated bridge structures are inspected by Caltrans, the state transportation agency, on a two-year cycle. A bridge inspection examines the structural integrity of each bridge, and is coupled with ongoing staff inspections to form the basis for the County’s bridge replacement, repair, rehabilitation, and maintenance program. 

Fun Fact: The oldest bridge in Sonoma County is the O’Donnell Lane Bridge over Calabazas Creek in Glen Ellen (pictured), constructed in 1900. The primary mode of transportation at this time was a horse and buggy. It was not until 1903 that Henry Ford invented the Ford Model T.

STS Sets Records and Expands Service to Orange County

The Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport (STS) had a great 2015 due to strong community, tenant, and visitor support. Highlights from 2015 include:

  • December had 23,013 passengers compared to 17,962 last year, an increase of 28.1%.
  • In 2015, STS served 263,142 passengers, compared to 238,320 in 2014, an increase of 10.4%.
  • Airline Operations were up 9%.
  • Rental car revenues were up 13% (through November).

Fly STSOn March 6th, 2016, STS will expand its services with flights to Orange County. STS flights to Orange County give more opportunities for passengers traveling to the Los Angeles basin, and have been highly requested by airline customers.

Follow the Airport on Facebook for news, specials, flight schedules, upcoming destinations, and events.

Use Your Clipper Card on Sonoma County Transit

ClipperThe all-in-one transit fare payment card, Clipper, can now be used on Sonoma County Transit, Santa Rosa CityBus and Petaluma Transit. Using a Clipper Card simplifies your transit experience by automatically calculating fares, including discounts, and transfers. Clipper Cards will be accepted on the SMART Train when it begins service this year, and can be used for fares on the Larkspur Ferry to San Francisco and Golden Gate Transit. Now, plan your trip to the minute with the Next Bus app, hop on board with Clipper, and enjoy the free wifi.

Visit the Sonoma County Transit website for routes and schedules.

Water Restrictions Extended in California

Despite recent rains, California is still experiencing a severe drought. In early-February, the State Water Resources Control Board extended water restrictions across California. The water districts in Jenner, Freestone, Fitch Mountain, and Salmon Creek may water outdoor ornamental landscaping only on Tuesdays and Fridays, from midnight to 6 AM, or 8:00 PM to midnight. The restrictions do not apply to food grown for consumption.

For information on water restrictions visit the water district's conservation page.

Woodstove Rebates for Air District Residents and Businesses

Our friends at the Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution District (NSCAPCD) are currently running a Woodstove Change Out Rebate Program. They are offering rebates of up to $1,000 to $1,500 for residences and up to $2,000 to $2,500 for businesses toward the purchase and installation of new EPA Certified woodstoves, gas or pellet stoves, or fireplace inserts that replace older wood-burning appliances that are not EPA certified. There are extra rebate incentives for qualifying low income households. 

EPA certified wood appliances are far more efficient than older models and emit far fewer pollutants into the atmosphere. A new EPA certified wood stove is 3 times cleaner than a non-certified wood stove and a new pellet stove is 10 times cleaner. This results in cleaner air for your family and neighbors! New EPA certified wood appliances are also more fuel efficient, which means more heat for less money. 

In this year’s program the NSCAPCD has already issued 46 rebate vouchers, and there's funding for 20 to 25 more. Please share the word with friends, neighbors and businesses that have addresses within the boundaries of the NSCAPCD, which runs from northern Windsor the Sonoma-Mendocino County line.

Visit the Air District's web page for more information on their rebates.Relative Emissions

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