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  • The project involves removing and replacing 10 damaged cross-culverts, within the County ROW, located on multiple roads throughout the County. Headwalls, drainage inlets, and junction boxes will be installed. Existing pavement, striping and markings within pavement limits shown on plans will be replaced.

  • The scope of the proposed construction work will include conform grinding, removal and replacement of failed asphalt in localized areas (digouts), striping removal, installation of thermoplastic striping, installation of bicycle signage, shoulder backing, guard rail improvements, culvert rehabilitation, utility cover adjustments and traffic control.

  • The work to be done consists, in general of a full-depth reclamation, placement of an asphalt concrete overlay, and/or remove and replacement of asphalt concrete on various County Roads.

  • This project will consist of multiple treatment applications including: Double Chip Seal, Slurry Seal, Microsurfacing and Cape Seal treatments as well as associated flagging, traffic control, crack sealing, cross culvert replacement, ditch cleaning, pavement delineation, signage, and replacement of asphalt concrete surfacing (digouts).

  • The Boyes Boulevard Bridge project work to be done includes installation of a temporary pedestrian bridge, various utility relocations, demolition of the existing bridge, construction of the new Boyes Bridge and roadway approaches and other improvements that include drainage improvements, lighting, concrete work, hot mix asphalt paving, and removal of the temporary pedestrian bridge.

  • The existing bridge that carries Chalk Hill Road over Maacama Creek is a one-lane structure built in 1915. It is a County landmark and is eligible for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. The existing bridge has deteriorated significantly and is vulnerable to earthquakes as well as foundation scour and erosion along the south creekbank. The bridge has been determined to be unstable in an earthquake, and is threatened by erosion. The County seeks to replace the bridge with a new two-lane bridge. 

  • The Sonoma County Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTPW) proposes to replace the existing Freestone Flat Road Bridge, which is a two-span, steel-girder truss bridge over Salmon Creek, in the southwest portion of the County.

  • The County is actively working to engage the community regarding a new bridge that reflects local preferences, meets modern constructions standards, and protects the natural beauty of the region.
  • This work to be done consists, in general, but not limited to clearing and grubbing, shoulder widening, reconstruction of roadway, installation of a right hand turn pocket and left hand turn pocket, installation of guardrail, and such other items or details, not mentioned above, that are required by the plans, Standard Specifications, or these Special Provisions will be preformed, placed, constructed or installed.


  • This project repairs landslide that occurred during the 2017 February Winter Storms.
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