Springs MAC

Springs Municipal Advisory Council Meeting


  1. Call to Order & Roll Call
  2. Approval of Minutes of May 25, 2021 meetings Resolution
  3. Public Comment* Receive
  4. Community Event Announcements Receive
  5. Chair Iturri update Receive
  6. County Update: Supervisor Susan Gorin Receive
  7. Emergency Preparedness Receive
    1. Misti Wood-Community Engagement Liaison, Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office: Evacuation tags & Evacuation Map
    2. Jeff Duval-Director Department of Emergency Management: PSPS/Drought/Wildfires
  8. Permit Sonoma Receive
    1. Gary Helfrich-Planner, Permit and Resource Management: Public Workshop/Listening Session Vacation Rental Ordinance Update
  9. Ad hoc Updates Receive
    1. MYN
    2. Fire Safe Council vs Fire Wise Resolution
    3. Arts in the Springs
  10. Chair and Vice Chair Election FY 2021-2022 Resolution
  11. Consideration of Future Agenda Items Receive
  12. Adjournment Resolution

Materials related to an item on this Agenda submitted to the Sonoma Valley Citizens Advisory Commission after distribution of the agenda packet are available for public inspection in the Board of Supervisors’ Office located at 575 Administration Drive, Room 100-A, Santa Rosa, CA, during normal business hours.

Note: Consideration items will proceed as follows:

  1. Presentation by proponent
  2. Questions by Commissioners
  3. Questions and comments from the public
  4. Response by proponent, if required
  5. Comments by Commissioners
  6. Resolution, if indicated

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Open Meetings: Except as expressly authorized under the Ralph M. Brown Act (the State’s local agency open meeting law), all meetings of the Springs Municipal Advisory Council are open to attendance by interested members of the public.

Public Comments: The Chair will invite public comment for agenda items as they are taken up by the Committee. If you wish to speak, you may do so upon receiving recognition by the Chair. Please state your name and limit your comments to the agenda item under discussion. Speakers are limited to three minutes each; available time for comments is determined by the Committee Chair based on agenda scheduling demand and total number of speakers.

Public Appearances: Any member of the public may address the Committee on a matter not listed on the agenda as long as the subject matter is within the jurisdiction of the Committee. If you wish to speak, you may do so upon recognition by the Committee Chair. While members of the public are welcome to address the Committee, under the Brown Act open meeting laws, Committee members may not deliberate or take action on items not on the agenda. Speakers are limited to three minutes each, six minutes for a member of the public attending with a translator; available time for comments is determined by the Committee Chair based on agenda scheduling demands and total number of speakers.

Disabled Accommodation: If you have a disability and require a sign language interpreter, assistive listening device, material in an alternate format, or other accommodation to attend, please contact Liz Hamon at (707) 565-2241 at least 72 hours prior to the meeting in order to facilitate arrangements for accommodation.

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