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    Access location-based information pertaining to a specific subject and/or area within unincorporated Sonoma County.

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    Certain permit types will allow the applicant to pay outstanding balances On-line. These permit types include Building (BLD), Grading (GRD), Septic (SEP), Non-Standard Septic - Operational (OPR), Demolition (DEM) and Drainage (DRN). 
  • Scheduling inspections, fire code and other information about Bridges, Fire Sprinklers, Gates, Knox Box Key Access, Photovoltaic Systems, and Wildlife Urban Interface.
  • Operational fire permits are a way to manage properties and business for fire and life safety. These include License Care Facilities, Pyrotechnic Displays, Special Events, Tent Permits, Vendor and Cooking Booth Inspections.
  • Our Vegetation Management Program includes: Hazardous Vegetation Inspection Program, free Chipper Service, Weed Complaint & Abatement, and Vegetation Management Plans
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