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    Certain permit types will allow the applicant to pay outstanding balances On-line. These permit types include Building (BLD), Grading (GRD), Septic (SEP), Non-Standard Septic - Operational (OPR), Demolition (DEM) and Drainage (DRN). 
  • The State of California does not require or issue business licenses for sole proprietorships or general partnerships. Other business structures, however, must register with the state. All businesses located in an incorporated city in Sonoma County must first obtain a business license from that city. The county does not require a business license to do business within its unincorporated areas, but all fictitious business names must be registered with the Sonoma County Clerk.

  • A community event organizer permit is needed if your community event is two or more days in length and includes two or more food vendors who are selling or giving away food or beverages, including samples.

  • Contractor Central App
    Integrates with Permits Online to view and manage projects and schedule inspections.
  • If you want a permit to sell food at a farmers market you will need a Temporary Food Facility Permit. A permit is required for each point of sale location operating at the same time.
  • Whether you are building a new restaurant from the ground up or purchasing an existing restaurant, you need a food facility operating permit. These are the steps to take for your business to get on its way!
  • If you are a paid employee in a food facility or mobile food facility (catering or produce trucks, carts, etc.) and are involved in the preparation, storage or service of food, you are a food handler, and you need a California food handler card.
  • Most food facilities are required to have at least one person, an owner or designated employee, who has passed an approved food safety certification exam. Most of the other facility employees are required to have a California Food Handler Card.
  • Food safety and consumer protection programs provided by the Sonoma County Department of Health Services serve many food facilities, including restaurants, caterers, mobile units, grocery stores, food booths, wine tasting rooms, or any facility selling food directly to the consumer.
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    You need a mobile food facility permit if you sell or distribute food from a vehicle or cart and prepare food at a commissary or other permanent food facility, or if you want to operate on a route or park at a location  not in conjunction with a community event. 

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