Lower Russian River MAC Representatives and Alternates

Nine representatives appointed by Supervisor Hopkins and determined through community application/selection. All members must reside within the district they represent in the Lower Russian River Municipal Advisory Council area. 

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Community Outreach and Engagement
How to Be "in the Know"!

Hearing from and sharing news with District 5 constituents continues to be a priority for all of the District 5 team. On the agendas coming up in both River and Coast MACs are ways to enhance community communications and engagement. Bring your ideas and suggestions! Here are communication channels in place now.

I. YouTube: The County of Sonoma 5th District YouTube channel is your go-to source if you missed all or part of an important meeting. Click the link below to subscribe:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy7u_uF73_2htucfV3Sc7gA . The County also has a youtube channel for all overall county meetings.

II. Newsletter:Share this link with friends who also want to be in the know!

III. Community meetings - This past year we've held Town Halls in Occidental, Guerneville, Forestville, and participated in many community meetings where invited.

IV. Monthly Column in the Sonoma County Gazette : Latest on Gleason Beach here.

V. Adding: physical location postings of MAC meetings in every representative area.

And, of course, you are always welcome to reach out to your MAC representatives, the team at District 5, or myself. You can reach our office at district5@sonoma-county.org and phone 707-565-2241.

    Forestville District

    New LinkRepresentatives

    Vesta Copestakes

    VestaContact: vesta@sonic.net

    Term: 2019-2021

    AdHoc Committees: Vacation Rentals, CAG Liaison

    Occupation: Publisher, Sonoma County Gazette

    Community service experience: Forestville Chamber of Commerce (Board, Vice President, President), Forestville Planning Association (Founder and Board Member), Forestville Education Foundation (Founder and Board Member), Friends of Forestville School (Board Member), Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Sonoma County (Board Member)

    Platform: Like many of us who live here, we value what we have and want to protect what makes us unique. That includes our sensitive environment as well as our intimate towns, small schools and bedroom community status. Preserving what we value is how we will keep this place feeling like home. 

    Goal(s): To be a good representative of my home. I know a lot of people and am a good listener. I believe I can be of service to our communities in a way that represents us as a whole, not just me and my personal opinions, which may not always coincide with others in my community. I know a lot about many issues, have a long history of being involved, so I have a perspective few others have. When I represent Forestville, I have to be clear that we are not all of one voice, but that we can agree to disagree and move forward.

    Lisa Nahmanson

    Forestville MAC RepresentativeContact: lisa.rivermac@gmail.com

    Term: 2021-2022

    AdHoc Committees: Community Outreach, Trash Ad Hoc

    Occupation: Community Volunteer

    Community service experience: Volunteer at Farm to Pantry

    Platform: Prior to my 20 years as a small business owner and telecomm professional I worked as a legal aid attorney in San Francisco and Alameda counties, a law student advocate at the Homeless Advocacy Project in San Francisco, a bilingual youth counselor for Larkin Street Youth Services and Guerrero House in San Francisco, and a 6th grade teacher in Brooklyn, NY.

    To be kind, anti-racist, and listen to and involve as many people as possible in the community and to seek compromise on issues that impact the community. 

    Goal(s): to ensure all voices in forestville communities are heard and brought to the MAC, the supervisor's office of District 5 and to the county wide government.


    Lucy Hardcastle


    Contact: lhardcastle.lrrmac@gmail.com

    Term: 2021-2022

    AdHoc Committees: Vacation Rentals

    Occupation: Crisis Counselor, West County Community Services

    Community service experience: Forestville Planning Association (President), Soroptimist International of Santa Rosa (Secretary), Association of Fundraising (President), West County Community Services (Crisis Counselor), Food for Thought (Food Fairy and Fundraiser)

    Platform: I have neighbors who represent a wide swath of folks who live in the lower River area. Teachers and counselors, artists and bohemians, construction workers and hairdressers. Some are wealthy, but most are not. Many struggle with the cost of living as our special enclave gets pricey. Being 'discovered' as a go-to area after years of neglect is thrilling. To come back from some pretty destructive flooding episodes and shine again is nice. But to be priced out of our homes is brutal. I am a good listener, can see the common threads that bind us together and communicate effectively and respectfully those connections to reach conclusions that work for all. 

    Goal(s): To fairly represent my neighbors' voices while staying true to my own experience. 

    Hacienda District


    Alice Teeter

    Alice TeeterContact: alice.teeter@me.com

    Term: 2021-2022 

    Occupation: Public Health Nurse/Home Health Nurse

    AdHoc Committees: Trash, Chair

    Community Service Experience: Institute of Noetic Sciences Bioethics review board; California Pacific Medical Center Biosafety review board; Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association Secretary for Bay Area Chapter, Red Cross Disaster Services Volunteer Worker, East Bay

    Platform: Unite forces to clean up the Lower Russian River! 

    Goal(s): Assist Hacienda communities including Forest Hills, Hollydale, Mom's Beach and all our neighborhood voices being heard in county discussions that affect our ecology and welfare during good times and in disaster. 


    Sherrie Owens 

    SherrieContact: owens6410@comcast.net

    Term: 2021-2022

    Occupation: Retired - Founder of Almost Home and prior Executive at West County Health Centers

    Community service experience:



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    Rio Nido District


    Pip Marquez de la Plata, Chair 2021

    Pip Marquez river macContact: pipmdlp.lrrmac@gmail.com

    Term: 2019-2021

    Occupation: Executive Director, Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County

    AdHoc Committees:   Roads, Committee Chair

    Community service experience: Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County (Executive Director), Friends of Rio Nido (Board President), Sweetwater Springs Water District (Board President)

    Platform: I want to represent a district that generally feels overlooked, to work with other community members to find common ground and help facilitate dialogue. 

    Goal(s): To ensure that the issues that face Rio Nido that have a potential to be solved by county government are heard and that the community feels as if they have seat at the table. 


    Joe Falejcyk 

    Rio Nido AlternateContact: j.a@falejczyk.net

    Term: 2021-2022

    Occupation: Retired

    Community service experience:


    Goal(s): To work toward making a positive part of the Lower River community.  

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    Guerneville District


    Naomi Huffstutter

    Guerneville MAC RepresentativeContact: naomihuffrivermac@gmail.com

    Term: 2021-2022

    AdHoc Committees: Communications/Outreach, Homeless

    Occupation: CA Realtor

    Community service experience: Forgotten Felines: Animal Transport / Guerneville School Site Council: Chair / Guerneville Winter Shelter / Federal and State Elections: Poll Worker

    Platform: Being a Guerneville resident for 50 years, my career has ranged from Manager of a large housekeeping company, Regional Sales Manager of a nationally known natural products company, then becoming a CA Realtor. After taking some time off to start a family, I stepped back into the workforce acting as a Services Manager for a vacation rental business building bridges between owners, staff, guests, and vendors alike. My most recent venture has been working in long term property management. So a little bit of everything, I'd say, generally based around sourcing solution

    Goal(s): To help the Board of Supervisors better understand the issues of the Lower Russian River on a local level, to help advocate for people whose voices are not well heard and to promote unity and respect among all our citizens.

    Nic Pereira

    Guerneville II+ RepContact:nic.rrmac@gmail.com

    Term: 2021-2022

    AdHoc Committees: Vacation Rental 

    Occupation: Owner, Spa Dad & Sons

    Community service experience:



    Alternate - Sarah "Avi" Lindsay 

    Hacienda District AlternateContact: avivagordon@gmail.com

    Term: 2021-2022

    Occupation: teacher

    Community service experience:



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    Pocket Canyon District


    Jeanette Dillman

    JEANETTE DILLMANContact: jeanette.rivermac@gmail.com

    Term: 2019-2021

    AdHoc Committees:

    Occupation: Retired

    Community service experience: Russian River Health Center (Board of Directors), Sonoma County Association for Retarded Citizens (President), River Community Services (Board of Directors), Sonoma County Democratic Central Committee (Alternate), Sonoma County Human Services Commission (Commissioner), Russian River Area Resources and Advocates (Participant)

    Platform: What interests me most is developing an organization that is open and transparent with solid policies and procedures to set the underpinnings for this critical community need. 

    Goal(s): To represent Pocket Canyon and Noel Heights neighborhood, which is more sparsely populated and less urban. This area is often an afterthought and needs a place and voice at the table in establishing a solid foundation for this pioneer river council. 


    John Milo Chapman

    Pocket Canyon AlternateContact: Roatanrealtor@yahoo.com


    AdHoc Committees:

    Occupation: Realtor / Musician

    Community service experience:



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    Monte Rio District


    Kyra Wink

    KYRA WINKContact: kyrawink@aol.com

    Term: 2021-2022

    Occupation: Retired

    Community service experience: Friends of Villa Grande (Board Vice President, Member, Secretary), Kaiser Permanente (Volunteer), American Lung Association (Board Member)

    Platform: I have experience in program development and the writing of protocols. I am a great organizer, communicator, facilitator and planner. I really enjoy working with diverse populations, teasing out commonalities for possible consensus building and problem solving.  

    Goal(s): To develop and establish the foundation and protocols for the future of MAC operations and to help develop a synergistic relationship between the community and the supervisors and other governmental agencies. 


    Cynthia Strecker

    CYNTHIA STRECKERContact:  cstrecker.lrrmac@gmail.com

    Term: 2021-2022

    Occupation: Retired

    AdHoc Committees:

    Community service experience: Monte Rio Union School District (Board Member)

    Platform: I feel that doing this job well means committing to more than just a monthly meeting. It is also necessary to commit to extending ourselves to many groups and individuals within our own community to ensure that we are receiving a well-rounded overview of their needs and perspectives. 

    Goal(s): I would want to see the river area continue to progress in ways that maintain our diversity, strengthening our relatively strong middle class and safeguard our citizens who are struggling economically.

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    Cazadero/Duncans Mills District


    Mike Nicholls

    MIKE NICHOLLSContact: mcnicholls.lrrmac@gmail.com

    Term: 2021-2022 years (shifting to Alternate in 2023)

    AdHoc Committees: Land Use, Flood Mitigation, Agenda Setting 

    Occupation: Community Volunteer

    Community service experience: Wisconsin State Vocational Technical Curriculum Task Force (Governor Appointment), River Area Shelter and Downtown Task Group (Supervisor Appointment), River to Coast Children's Services (Board Member), Cazadero CSD (Board President), Access Sonoma Broadband (Co-Chair), Russian River Rotary (Member)

    Platform: I have long felt the lower river region has been underrepresented and many times overlooked in the county conversation, which generally tends to be (Highway) 101-centric. Key goals include expanding the county conversation to include the Lower Russian River region and work to assure a greater share of TOT funding is returned to local communities. 

    Goal(s): To assist in creating new local jobs, reduce the level of distrust held by many with regard to "the county," and to provide a local ear for residents and leveraging worthwhile opportunities with the balance of the board for the good of the region. 


    Tony Goodwin

    Cazadero AlternateContact: tonythecraftsman@gmail.com

    Term: 2021-2022 (To be sworn in as Representative in 2023)

    Occupation: Master Craftsman, public servant, business owner

    Community service experience: Cazadero Fire. In addition to being a fire-fighting hero, Tony started the GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service)  in the Austin Creek neighborhood after the Tubbs fires. The neighbors in Austin Creek have developed a local radio network to relay news and check in on each other during disasters. After the success of this example in Austin Creek, teams in Fort Ross, Timber Cove, Cazadero and beyond have purchased radios, set up networks, placed repeaters, and set up procedures for disaster communications.


    Goal(s):  Working to empower the community and show them their voice matters and how important it is to be heard.

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