Lower Russian River Municipal Advisory Council Meeting

December 19, 2019 at 5:30 PM

El Molino High School

7050 Covey Rd

Forestville, CA 95436
38.4733495, -122.8972177

Meeting Documentation


Call to Order. MAC Clerk/Nance Jones
Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll Call.

  1. Approval of Agenda.
  2. Statement of conflict of interest.
    (This is the time for the Chair, Vice Chair and Councilmembers to indicate any statements of conflict of interest for any item listed on this agenda).
  3. Correspondence.
    1. Department of Transportation and Public Works on FEMA process and timelines.
    2. Memo from District 5 regarding proposed By Laws changes.
  4. Consent Calendar.
    1. Approval of minutes 10-17-19 and 6-20-19 meetings.
    2. Distribution of LRR MAC business card order forms.
  5. Informational Items/Presentations
    1. Post PSPS briefing from Kincade fire and other events – Sheriff Mark Essick and Sam Wallis Sonoma County Emergency Services.
    2. Fire Safe Occidental and Fire Safe Sonoma on grass roots community efforts to propel fire safety – Roberta McIntyre – Fire Safe Sonoma and Bob Burnett Fire Safe Occidental.
    3. Winter Shelter Update – Tim Miller – West County Community Services.
  6. Regular Calendar Items (Discussion and/or Action)
    1. Discussion of reorganization of the Council at the February meeting.
    2. Discussion of Council meeting calendar for 2020.
  7. Proclamations
  8. Board Reports
    Written reports with brief summaries presented to the council. 
  9. Ad Hoc Committee Reports
    1. TIF Ad Hoc
    2. Communications Ad Hoc
    3. Vacation Rental Exclusion Zone Ad Hoc
  10. Public Comment
    This time is set aside to receive comment from the public regarding matters of general interest not on the agenda, but related to River MAC business. Pursuant to the Brown Act, however, the River MAC cannot consider any issues or take action on any requests during this comment period. Due to the length of our program, comments will be limited to 1-2 minutes per person; time limitations are at the discretion of the Chair.
  11. Adjournment

Open Meetings: Except as expressly authorized under the Ralph M. Brown Act (the State’s local agency open meeting law), all meetings of the River Municipal Advisory Council are open to attendance by interested members of the public.

Public Comments: The Chair will invite public comment for agenda items as they are taken up by the Committee. If you wish to speak, you may do so upon receiving recognition by the Chair. Please state your name and limit your comments to the agenda item under discussion. Speakers are limited to three minutes each; available time for comments is determined by the Committee Chair based on agenda scheduling demand and total number of speakers.

Public Appearances: Any member of the public may address the Committee on a matter not listed on the agenda as long as the subject matter is within the jurisdiction of the Committee. If you wish to speak, you may do so upon recognition by the Committee Chair. While members of the public are welcome to address the Committee, under the Brown Act open meeting laws, Committee members may not deliberate or take action on items not on the agenda. Speakers are limited to three minutes each, six minutes for a member of the public attending with a translator; available time for comments is determined by the Committee Chair based on agenda scheduling demands and total number of speakers.

Documents related to open session agendas: Any writings or documents provided to a majority of the Lower Russian River Municipal Advisory Council regarding any item on this agenda after the posting of this agenda and not otherwise exempt from disclosure will be made available for public review at 575 Administration Drive, Room 100-A, Santa Rosa, CA, during normal business hours.

Disabled Accommodation: If you have a disability and require a sign language interpreter, assistive listening device, material in an alternate format, or other accommodation to attend, please contact Elise VanDyne at (707) 565-2866 at least 72 hours prior to the meeting in order to facilitate arrangements for accommodation.

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