Rebuilding Together

Walbridge and Meyers Rapid Evaluation Safety Assessment (RESA)

RESA and Property Clean-Up Status Map

This map shows the following for areas of unincorporated Sonoma County affected by the 2020 Walbridge and Meyers Fires:

  • Final results of both field and aerial safety assessments (RESA)
  • Property Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) sweep status for parcels (Step 2.1 of the Rebuilding Process)

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Map Issues?

Please let us know if at least one of the following applies to your property:

  • You believe a structure was incorrectly labeled and needs to be evaluated
  • A structure(s) is damaged, but the parcel is labeled as "Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted" or is not represented with a color/shape on the map.

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Map Color Codes Explained

The three colored tags on the map (green circle, red diamond, and yellow square) match placards posted on inspected structures. Each type of placard is used by inspectors under the following circumstances:

green circleGreen (Inspected)* – Buildings can be damaged, yet remain safe – the safety of the building was not significantly changed by the disaster.

red diamondRed (Unsafe) – Buildings are damaged and pose an imminent threat to life or safety under expected loads or other unsafe conditions.

yellow squareYellow (Restricted Use)* – There is some risk from damage in all or part of the building, but the full extent of damage may be uncertain or cannot be ascertained within the time and resources available to a Rapid Evaluation team. Buildings with yellow tags have limited use, with case-by-case restrictions. For example, certain portions of a home may not be habitable until a permit has been issued and repairs are made.

orange symbolOrange (Not Accessible) – This is not a placard type, but is used on the map to explain that Inspectors are unable to reach the property. The condition of structures is unknown.

*Important Note: Although a building may be placarded “Inspected” or “Restricted Use”, specific areas in and around the building could be further identified as unsafe.

RESA Property Statuses in Text Format

The following table presents the same data found in the RESA map in text format. The data can be sorted by clicking on the column headings.


  • APN: Assessor Property Number
  • Primary Situs Address: The address on file at Permit Sonoma for the APN.

Search For Your Address

APNPrimary Situs AddressPermit #RESA Status
069-010-00823332 Old Cazadero RdEVT20-00126Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-010-00923344 Old Cazadero RdEVT20-00127Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-020-006No Situs AddressEVT20-00009Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-020-01517020 Armstrong Woods RdEVT20-00010Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-030-00619400 McCray Ridge RdEVT20-00011Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-030-00719366 McCray Ridge RdEVT20-00012Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-030-00819412 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00013Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-030-0215376 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00014Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-030-0255364 Palmer Creek RdEVT20-00015Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-030-02918900 Armstrong Woods RdEVT20-00128Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-030-0305398 Palmer Creek RdEVT20-00129Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-030-0311350 McCray Ridge RdEVT20-00877Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-030-03219344 McCray Ridge RdEVT20-00016Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-030-03319360 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00006Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-030-03419366 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00017Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-030-03518920 Armstrong Woods RdEVT20-00018Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-030-03619450 McCray Ridge RdEVT20-00019Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-030-03719450 McCray Ridge RdEVT20-00020Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-040-0185360 Palmer Creek RdEVT20-00021Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-040-0225386 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00130Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-040-0236653 Palmer Creek RdEVT20-00131Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-040-0245360 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00022Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-040-0255356 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00132Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-040-0266699 Palmer Creek RdEVT20-00133Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-050-00119600 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00134Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-050-00319585 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00135Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-050-01519840 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00136Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-050-01617575 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00023Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-050-01820011 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00137Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-050-01920077 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00138Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-060-01219749 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00139Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-060-01917975 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00140Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-060-02017969 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00141Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-060-02218995 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00024Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-060-02418755 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00142Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-060-02519211 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00025Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-060-02719504 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00143Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-060-02819502 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00144Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-060-02918730 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00026Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-060-03018710 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00027Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-060-03318003 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00145Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-060-04119755 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00146Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-070-00917000 Armstrong Woods RdEVT20-00147Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-070-01017005 Armstrong Woods RdEVT20-00148Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-070-01416868 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00002Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-070-01816856 Armstrong Woods RdEVT20-00028Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-070-02017010 Armstrong Woods RdEVT20-00149Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-080-003No Situs AddressEVT20-00150Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-080-004No Situs AddressEVT20-00151Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-080-01820100 Pool Ridge RdEVT20-00029Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-080-02317899 Pool Ridge RdEVT20-00152Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-080-03019980 Pool Ridge RdEVT20-00030Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
069-080-03119800 Pool Ridge RdEVT20-00153Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-080-032No Situs AddressEVT20-00154Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-110-01017895 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00155Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-110-01518350 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00156Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-110-02217800 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00157Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-110-02317700 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00158Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-110-02417840 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00159Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-110-02517850 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00160Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-110-02617900 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00161Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-120-00418050 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00162Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-120-00517990 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00163Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-120-00617970 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00164Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-120-019No Situs AddressEVT20-00165Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
069-120-02118415 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00166Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
085-010-00720181 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00031Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
085-010-01310959 Westside RdEVT20-00167Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
085-010-01519570 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00168Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
085-010-02420195 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00032Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
085-010-02519560 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00033Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
085-010-03020199 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00169Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
085-030-00810971 Westside RdEVT20-00170Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
089-240-0124001 Brack RdEVT20-00171Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
089-240-0133405 Brack RdEVT20-00172Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
089-240-0223355 Brack RdEVT20-00173Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
089-240-0241401 Big Ridge RdEVT20-00034Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
089-240-0274707 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00174Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
089-240-0304901 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00175Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
090-050-0146440 Chemise RdEVT20-00035Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
090-050-0185295 W Dry Creek RdEVT20-00176Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
090-050-0316800 Wine Creek RdEVT20-00177Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
090-060-0184180 Shaina WayEVT20-00178Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
090-060-0204160 Shaina WayEVT20-00036Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
090-060-0214120 Shaina WayEVT20-00037Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
090-070-002No Situs AddressEVT20-00179Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
090-070-0039999 Chemise RdEVT20-00180Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
090-070-0048888 Chemise RdEVT20-00038Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
090-070-005No Situs AddressEVT20-00039Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
090-080-0117680 Chemise RdEVT20-00040Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
090-080-0183400 Big Ridge RdEVT20-00041Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
090-090-0136100 Chemise RdEVT20-00181Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
090-090-0182877 Big Ridge RdEVT20-00042Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
090-090-0242150 Big Ridge RdEVT20-00182Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
090-090-0285800 Chemise RdEVT20-00183Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
090-090-0295750 Chemise RdEVT20-00184Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
090-090-036No Situs AddressEVT20-00185Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
090-090-0372559 Big Ridge RdEVT20-00043Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
090-090-0387208 Big Ridge RdEVT20-00044Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
109-110-01019005 Hwy 1EVT20-00186Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
109-120-010No Situs AddressEVT20-00299Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
109-150-01315000 Meyers Grade RdEVT20-00187Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
109-160-00415915 Meyers Grade RdEVT20-00188Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
109-160-00516001 Meyers Grade RdEVT20-00189Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
109-160-00615991 Meyers Grade RdEVT20-00190Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
109-160-00715987 Meyers Grade RdEVT20-00191Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
109-160-00815985 Meyers Grade RdEVT20-00192Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
109-160-00915951 Meyers Grade RdEVT20-00193Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
109-160-01015971 Meyers Grade RdEVT20-00194Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
109-160-01826900 Smith Ridge RdEVT20-00195Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
109-160-02015725 Meyers Grade RdEVT20-00196Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
109-170-02716000 Meyers Grade RdEVT20-00045Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
109-170-02915610 Meyers Grade RdEVT20-00003Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
109-170-03814500 Meyers Grade RdEVT20-00046Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
109-180-00426233 Fort Ross RdEVT20-00197Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-030-0054180 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00198Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-030-0124031 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00199Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-030-0134050 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00200Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-050-0032610 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00201Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-050-0042575 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00202Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-050-0052526 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00203Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-050-0132580 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00204Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-050-0152560 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00205Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-050-0232859 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00206Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-050-0242649 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00207Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-050-0282532 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00208Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-050-0332563 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00209Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-050-0352540 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00210Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-050-0392551 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00211Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-050-0412520 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00212Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-060-0073101 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00213Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-060-0103300 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00214Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-060-0163450 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00215Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-060-0434735 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00216Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-060-0493150 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00217Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-060-0534437 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00218Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-060-0604743 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00219Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-060-0614545 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00220Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-060-0624565 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00221Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-060-0634915 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00222Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-060-0644885 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00223Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-060-0662807 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00047Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
110-060-0712977 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00297Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-060-0723095 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00296Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-190-0011490 Felta RdEVT20-00224Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-190-0101470 Felta RdEVT20-00225Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-190-0111480 Felta RdEVT20-00226Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-260-0113301 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00048Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
110-260-0123400 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00227Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-260-0143000 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00049Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
110-260-0173401 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00005Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
110-260-0203245 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00050Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
110-260-0293485 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00051Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
110-260-0362955 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00052Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
110-260-0383780 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00228Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-260-0413600 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00229Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-260-0472607 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00230Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-260-0483275 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00231Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-260-0534100 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00007Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
110-260-0574250 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00232Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-260-0582474 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00233Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-260-0613660 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00234Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-260-0623948 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00235Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-260-0633001 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00053Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
110-260-0642935 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00054Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
110-270-0055635 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00236Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-270-0065235 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00237Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-270-0074855 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00238Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-270-0125955 Sweetwater Springs RdEVT20-00239Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-340-0032970 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00240Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-340-0092980 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00241Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-340-0102954 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00242Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
110-340-0112962 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00243Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-010-008No Situs AddressEVT20-00244Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-010-009No Situs AddressEVT20-00055Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-010-018No Situs AddressEVT20-00056Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-010-023No Situs AddressEVT20-00057Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-010-0279150 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00058Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-020-02414989 Stewarts Point Skaggs Springs RdEVT20-00245Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-030-01110389 Chemise Ridge RdEVT20-00059Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-030-01210377 Chemise RdEVT20-00246Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-030-01310355 Chemise RdEVT20-00247Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-040-00814955 Stewarts Pt Skgs Spgs Rd RdEVT20-00248Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-050-0058158 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00060Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-050-0077200 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00008Yellow - Restricted Use
111-050-0087171 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00061Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-050-009No Situs AddressEVT20-00062Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-050-0117170 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00063Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-050-0137184 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00064Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-050-0147180 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00004Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-050-0157002 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00065Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-050-0177188 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00066Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-050-0237826 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00067Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-050-0277049 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00068Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-050-0287010 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00069Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-050-0307725 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00070Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-050-0327505 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00249Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-050-0348701 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00071Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-050-0358474 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00250Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-050-0367553 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00072Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-050-0377775 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00073Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-050-0408334 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00074Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-050-0428155 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00075Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-050-0448000 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00076Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-050-0458162 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00077Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-060-002No Situs AddressEVT20-00251Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-060-006No Situs AddressEVT20-00078Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-060-008No Situs AddressEVT20-00079Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-070-001No Situs AddressEVT20-00252Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-070-009No Situs AddressEVT20-00253Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-070-018No Situs AddressEVT20-00080Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-070-019No Situs AddressEVT20-00081Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-070-0218856 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00082Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-070-027No Situs AddressEVT20-00254Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-070-028No Situs AddressEVT20-00255Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-080-001No Situs AddressEVT20-00256Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-080-004No Situs AddressEVT20-00257Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-080-0118950 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00258Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-080-012No Situs AddressEVT20-00259Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-090-0059451 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00083Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-090-009No Situs AddressEVT20-00084Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-090-0139786 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00085Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-090-0199015 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00086Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-090-0229015 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00087Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-090-0239280 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00088Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-090-0297771 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00260Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-090-0307669 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00089Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-090-0378707 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00090Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-090-0447781 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00091Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-090-0467777 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00092Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-090-0479447 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00093Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-090-0489440 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00094Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-090-0499790 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00095Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-090-0578703 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00261Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-090-0587745 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00096Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-090-062No Situs AddressEVT20-00262Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-090-0638677 MILL CREEK RdEVT20-00263Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-090-0657785 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00264Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-090-0697751 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00301Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-100-00710500 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00097Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-100-01210250 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00098Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-100-016No Situs AddressEVT20-00099Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-100-0298980 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00265Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-100-03010160 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00300Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-110-0098796 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00100Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-110-0195450 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00101Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-110-0289082 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00880Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-110-0308900 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00102Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-110-0358676 Palmer Creek RdEVT20-00266Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-110-0368854 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00103Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-110-0378734 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00104Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-110-0418498 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00105Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-110-044No Situs AddressEVT20-00267Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-130-002No Situs AddressEVT20-00106Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-130-011No Situs AddressEVT20-00268Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-130-0132200 Big Ridge RdEVT20-00269Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-130-0234255 Big Ridge RdEVT20-00270Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-130-0241915 Big Ridge RdEVT20-00271Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-130-0362424 Big Ridge RdEVT20-00107Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-130-0372440 Big Ridge RdEVT20-00108Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-130-0561850 Big Ridge RdEVT20-00109Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-130-0593555 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00272Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-130-0625400 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00273Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-130-0635187 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00110Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-130-0684200 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00111Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-140-01410800 Chemise RdEVT20-00295Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-150-0014300 Wallace Creek RdEVT20-00274Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-160-0016600 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00871Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-160-0066201 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00275Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-160-007No Situs AddressEVT20-00276Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-160-0086699 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00112Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-180-00512285 Cloud Ridge RdEVT20-00113Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-180-01312861 Cloud Ridge RdEVT20-00114Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-180-0155800 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00277Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-180-02012888 Cloud Ridge RdEVT20-00115Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-180-024No Situs AddressEVT20-00278Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-180-0255920 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00116Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-180-0265600 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00279Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-180-02712450 Cloud Ridge RdEVT20-00117Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-180-0285300 Palmer Creek RdEVT20-00280Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-180-02912076 CLOUD RIDGE RdEVT20-00281Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-180-03012002 Cloud Ridge RdEVT20-00282Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-190-00212101 Big Springs DrEVT20-00283Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-190-0045255 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00284Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-190-0065259 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00118Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-190-0085750 Palmer Creek RdEVT20-00119Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-190-0095276 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00285Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-190-0116270 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00120Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-190-0125250 Palmer Creek RdEVT20-00286Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
111-190-0135280 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00121Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
111-190-0145284 Mill Creek RdEVT20-00872Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
138-110-01412501 Old Skaggs Springs RdEVT20-00287Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
138-110-017No Situs AddressEVT20-00288Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
138-130-022No Situs AddressEVT20-00122Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
138-160-00212300 Stewarts Point Skaggs Springs RdEVT20-00123Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
138-160-0097380 Stewarts Pt Skgs Spgs Rd RdEVT20-00124Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
138-160-02111300 Stewarts Point Skaggs Springs RdEVT20-00289Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
138-160-02211200 Stewarts Pt Skgs Spgs Rd RdEVT20-00290Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
138-170-03611500 Stewarts Point Skaggs Springs RdEVT20-00291Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
138-170-04311655 Stewarts Pt Skgs Spgs Rd RdEVT20-00292Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
138-170-05110250 Stewarts Point Skaggs Springs RdEVT20-00298Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
138-230-00312805 Old Skaggs Springs RdEVT20-00293Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
139-100-0219007 Stewarts Pt Skgs Spgs Rd RdEVT20-00125Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy
139-100-0349100 Stewarts Point Skaggs Springs RdEVT20-00294Green - Lawful Occupancy Permitted
139-100-0357340 Stewarts Point Skaggs Springs RdEVT20-00873Red - Unsafe Do Not Enter or Occupy

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Permit Sonoma

Permit Sonoma handles construction and land use permitting for unincorporated Sonoma County including rebuilding after disasters.

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