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What We Provide

A reality-oriented behavioral modification system in conjunction with evidence based programming is utilized to confront and correct individual personal / social problem areas. The residents must progress through an average six-month residential phase, two-month transition phase, and then complete a 30-day community phase prior to release from the Probation Camp program.

A fully equipped industrial woodworking / metal shop provides the experience in the operation of many hand and power tools and equipment necessary for employment in industry or construction fields. Residents may earn Camp Employability Skills Competency Certificates in Welding, Wood Working, Food Service, Electrical Wiring, Plumbing and Landscaping, and be trained and certified as OSHA approved forklift operators.


In partnership with the Sonoma County Office of Education, the residents receive individualized focus toward obtainment of the GED and/or High School diploma. Special Education Services are available. All Camp youth are required to focus on their current and future educational needs toward productive community participation.

Counseling Services

Individual and family counseling is provided for each resident, as well as drug and alcohol counseling through AODS staff and on-site Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Camp also facilitates an education / support group for the parents of residents, presented in both English and Spanish.

Wilderness Experience Program

Backpackers 200 Residents participate in a year-round Wilderness Experience Program, which includes back-pack trips, cross-country skiing or snow shoeing, and hiking, all of which reinforce the lessons of self reliance and responsibility.

Vocational Training

Involvement with local industries provides realistic vocational training, selective job placement upon referral from Camp staff, and production contract work. Camp residents have the opportunity to participate in local vocational competitions as well as explore classes at the Santa Rosa Junior College.

Work Experience

Welder A work experience program developed in cooperation with many County departments, State Parks and local industry, facilitates the development of many construction occupational skills and provides a service to the community and a savings for the taxpayers of the County in work hours completed by the Camp.

Greenhouse and Garden

Gardening Camp maintains a greenhouse and garden where their maintenance and operation are taught to selected residents. Fruits and vegetables are cultivated by the Camp residents for consumption at Camp and for Camp catered events, saving tax dollars through supplementing the Camp’s food budget.

Catering 200A complete Culinary Arts program is offered to all Probation Camp youth, including Catering and Food Service. The Camp residents, under the instruction of the chef, participate in all cooking, baking and service for the events, which in turn gives them valuable experience.

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During a resident’s stay, he is required to earn and pay court ordered restitution to the victims of his crimes. The products produced and the work projects completed by Camp residents help to save the taxpayer money and provide the residents applicable occupational skills.


Residents can earn furloughs ranging from eight hours to 12 hours per week, as determined by responsible behavioral change, public safety, and time in program. Furloughs are a privilege, not a right. Camp provides intensive supervision and support to the resident and his family as they transition back into the community in order to ensure public safety and foster success.

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