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  • As a government agency, Sonoma County Probation Camp is not eligible to give any donations or offer discounts. Please see our Products page for reduced priced products.
  • How and when is a minor sent to the Camp Program?

    After a screening process by Juvenile Probation Services, a recommendation is made to the Juvenile Court Judge, who then determines if the Camp Program is an appropriate venue. This decision to commit is made at the dispositional hearing.
  • What is the age of the population served by the program?

    Boys committed to the program range in age from 16-18 years old.
  • What is the duration of the Camp program?

    The program varies in length depending on the minor's progress, but averages between nine and twelve months to graduation, including the after-care component.
  • The program focuses on confrontation of anti-social/illegal behavior and thinking patterns in youth committed to the juvenile justice system. Each component of the program is designed to assist youth in taking responsibility for their decisions and behavior. The primary goal is the individual development of basic personal, social, academic and vocational skills necessary to survive in modern society, as well as to thrive as responsible and productive adults.
  • The Probation Camp is the largest manufacturer of Parks products in California including con-heart redwood picnic tables and benches, steel camp fire rings and barbecue stoves. In addition, the culinary program provides catering services to city and county agencies, as well as the general public.
  • Who operates the Camp program?

    The Camp Program is a division of the Sonoma County Probation Department and is operated by Probation staff including: Juvenile Correctional Counselors, vocational counselors, therapeutic staff, administrative and support personnel. There is also an on-site school operated by Sonoma County Office of Education.
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