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Planning Commission Actions July 26, 2021

Roll Call 
Commissioner District 1 Absent
Commissioner District 3 Ocana 
Commissioner District 4 Deas 
Commissioner District 5 Koenigshofer 
Commissioner District 2, Chair Reed

Staff Members

Scott Orr, Deputy Director
Gary Helfrich, Staff
Cecily Condon, Staff
Chelsea Holup, Secretary
Verne Ball, Chief Deputy County Counsel 

Item No.: 1

Time: 1:05 PM

File: Sonoma County Local Coastal Plan Update (PLP13-0014)

Applicant: County of Sonoma

Owner: Non-Applicable 

Cont. from: Non-applicable 

Staff: Gary Helfrich 

Env. Doc: The project is statutorily exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) as per Section 15265, Adoption of Coastal Plans and Programs. CEQA does not apply to activities and approvals pursuant to the California Coastal Act by any local government, necessary for the preparation and adoption of a local coastal program.

Proposal: The State requires Sonoma County to develop and maintain a Local Coastal Program to regulate land use and protect coastal resources in compliance with the Coastal Act. The Revised Public Review Draft - June 2021 of the Local Coastal Plan Update was developed in response to public and agency comments on the Public Review Draft - 2019 and in response to changed conditions along the Sonoma County Coast since the certification of the 2001 Local Coastal Plan. The Local Coastal Plan currently being updated is one part of the Sonoma County three part Local Coastal Program which also includes the Administrative Manual and Coastal Zoning Code (Implementation Plan). The Local Coastal Plan Update does not become effective until certified by the California Coastal Commission.

Location: Various with the Fifth Supervisorial District

APN: Various with the Fifth Supervisorial District

Zoning: All Parcels within the Sonoma County Coastal Zone, CC (Coastal Combining District).

Action:Commissioner Koenigshofer motioned to continue the item to October 7, 2021 Seconded by Commissioner Deas and passed with a 4-0-1-0 vote

Appeal Deadline: Non-applicable

Resolution No.: Non-Applicable


Commissioner District 1 Cornwall            Absent

Commissioner District 3 Ocana               Aye

Commissioner District 4 Deas                 Aye

Commissioner District 5 Koeingshofer     Aye                 

Commissioner District 2, Chair Reed       Aye 


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