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Actions for November 21, 2019

Meeting No.: 19-09 

Roll Call
Dick Fogg
Larry Reed  
Cameron Mauritson
Pam Davis
Paula Cook, Chair 

Staff Members
Jane Riley 
Tony Linegar 
Andrew Smith 
Arielle Kohn, Secretary 
Jennifer Klein, Chief Deputy County Counsel 
Sita Kuteira, Deputy County Counsel 

Planning Commission Regular Calendar

Item Number: 1
Time:1:20 PM
File: Chapter 26 Amendment - Industrial Hemp Ordinance 
Applicant: Sonoma County Department of Agriculture/Weights & Measures 
Owner: N/A
Continued from: N/A
Staff:Tony Linegar, Agricultural Commissioner 
Env Doc: Categorically exempt under CEQA Guidelines Section 15307 (Actions by Regulatory Agencies for Protection of Natural Resources), Section 15308 (Actions by Regulatory Agencies for Protection of the Environment), and Section 15061(b)(3) (Common Sense Exemption). 
Proposal: Amend Chapter 26 of the Sonoma County Code to limit cultivation of industrial hemp to certain Zoning Districts, and make clarifying changes to definitions and allowed uses related to industrial hemp cultivation, processing, and extraction. Amend Chapter 37 to add certain zoning restrictions on industrial hemp cultivation in the AR (Agriculture and Residential) and RRD (Resources and Rural Development) Zoning Districts.
Location: Countywide
APN: Various
District: All

Commissioner Mauritson motioned to approve as recommended by Staff. Seconded by Commissioner Fogg and approved with a 4-1-0 vote. 

Appeal Deadline:N/A
Resolution No:19-010


Commissioner Fogg: Aye                         
Commissioner Reed: Aye                  
Commissioner Mauritson: Aye     
Commissioner Davis: No           
Commissioner Cook: Aye

Ayes: 4
Noes: 1
Absent: 0
Abstain: 0

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