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Actions for December 19, 2019

Meeting No: 19-16

Roll Call
Larry Reed
Paula Cook – Absent
Ariel Kelley
John Lowry
Greg Carr, Chair

Staff Members
Milan Nevajda
Gary Helfrich
Arielle Kohn, Secretary
Jennifer Klein, Chief Deputy County Counsel

1:00 PM Call to order and Pledge of Allegiance. Please Be Courteous - Turn off cell phones and pagers while the meeting is in session.
Approval of Minutes
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Planning Commission Regular Calendar

Item Number: 1
Time:1:20 PM
File Number: MJS18-0003
Staff: Gary Helfrich
Applicant: Acme Sonoma Properties, LLC; DBA Live Oak Farms
Owner: Acme Sonoma Properties, LLC
Continued from: N/A
Env Doc:

Exempt from further environmental review per CEQA Guidelines Section 15183. Project is consistent with General Plan 2020 and the Section 15183 Checklist prepared for project finds no potential for significant impacts not already considered by the General Plan 2020 EIR.


Request for a Major Subdivision of four parcels adjacent parcels located at 1108 Lohrman Lane, Petaluma: APN 048-121-003, -004, -031, and -068. These parcels total 29.54 acres and are proposed to be divided into 14 lots with the following sizes. Lot 1: 2.06 acres, Lot 2: 2.05 acres, Lot 3: 2.22 acres, Lot 4: 2.03 acres, Lot 5: 2.34 acres, Lot 6: 2.02 acres, Lot 7: 2.04 acres, Lot 8: 2.12 acres, Lot 9: 2.03 acres, Lot 10: 2.06 acres, Lot 11: 2.06 acres, Lot 12: 2.01 acres, Lot 13: 2.07 acres, Lot 14: 2.43 acres.


980, 1030, 1100, and 1108 Lohrman Lane, Petaluma


048-121-003, -004, -031, and -068

District: 2

Zoning for the project site is Agricultural and Residential with a residential density of 2 acres per dwelling unit. The project site is located in Class 2 (Major Natural Recharge) water availability area and the proposed lots will be served by private wells and septic systems.

Existing uses on the project site consist of 3 single family dwellings, various barns, sheds, garages, pump houses, and a certified organic farm.


Commissioner Reed motioned to approve the project as recommended with revised
findings. Seconded by Commissioner Lowry and passed with a 4-0-1 vote.

Appeal Deadline:10 Days
Resolution No:19-029


Commissioner Reed - Aye
Commissioner Cook - Absent
Commissioner Kelley - Aye
Commissioner Lowry - Aye
Commissioner Carr - Aye

Ayes: 4
Noes: 0
Absent: 1
Abstain: 0

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