Tolay Lake Regional Park - Community Workshop #2

January 16, 2014 at 6:00 PM

Community Workshop #2

Community Workshop #2 on January 16, 2014 presented the Master Plan Team's purpose, goals and graphic layouts of Conceptual Alternatives.  Public participation was elicited through two work stations. Station One participants reviewed and commented on the North Park Core Area - three Conceptual Design Alternatives. Station Two participants reviewed and comments were recorded on the three Conceptual Design Alternatives for the entire Tolay Lake Regional Park. At each station Regional Park Staff answered questions and facilitators recorded public comments.  Community Workshop materials, the Conceptual Plan Alternatives, and how to provide comments can be viewed below:

  1. Workshop #2 Summary (PDF: 290 kB)
  2. Workshop #2 Meeting Agenda (PDF: 181 kB)
  3. Tolay Master Plan Progress (PDF: 1 MB)
  4. Existing Condition Maps(PDF: 3.5 MB)
  5. Alternatives Framework(PDF: 137 kB)
  6. Full Site Conceptual Interpretive Plan Map (PDF: 6.7 MB)
  7. Full Site Conceptual Plan Map - Option A (PDF: 25 MB)
  8. Full Site Conceptual Plan Map - Option B (PDF: 25 MB)
  9. Full Site Conceptual Plan Map - Option C(PDF: 34 MB)
  10. Tolay Plan Alternatives Table (PDF: 110 kB)
  11. Conceptual Plan North Core Maps - Option A (PDF: 13 MB)
  12. Conceptual Plan North Core Maps - Option B(PDF: 13 MB)
  13. Conceptual Plan North Core Maps - Option C (PDF: 13 MB)
  14. Tolay Workshop #2 Comment Sheet (PDF: 133 kB)

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