Kashia Coastal Reserve Trail

Regional Parks Hosts Community Meeting for North Coast Trails

On Saturday, February 23, 2019, Sonoma County Regional Parks hosted a community meeting for two new trails planned on the north coast. The trail segments are a 1.1-mile trail proposed for the Kashia Coastal Reserve north of Salt Point State Park and a  .9-mile trail proposed for Stewarts Point Ranch.

At this meeting, Regional Parks provided information on the acquisition of the trial easements and the results of resource studies performed over the last 18 months. Preliminary trail alignments, allowed uses, trail design and features were also presented for public comment, and a question and answer period ensued. Presentation materials and related documents are provided below for public review and comment. 

What & Why?

Sonoma County Regional Parks has secured a trail easement and is proposing to complete the design, environmental review and permitting necessary to build a 1.1-mile trail on the Kashia Coastal Reserve, adding spectacular trail west of Highway 1 to the California Coastal Trail. 

The Kashia Coastal Reserve is adjacent and north of Salt Point State Park. 

Currently, there is no public access along the six miles of coast between Salt Point State Park and Regional Parks’ Black Point Coastal Access Trail. This project will offer access to that area while protecting grasslands, wetlands and cultural resources. 

Components of the public access are anticipated to include:

  • 6-foot wide unpaved trail
  • bridge replacement
  • parking area
  • one restroom
  • gates and fencing
  • information and trail signs

The project will protect scenic resources and working landscapes and will not interfere with the ability of the Kashia Band of Pomo Indians to practice their cultural and ocean side traditions.

What's Next?

Regional Parks received grant funding from the State Coastal Conservancy and Sonoma County Ag & Open Space to prepare a public access plan and trail designs for the Kashia Reserve Coastal Trail.

The trail will be planned along with the 0.9-mile Stewarts Point Ranch Trail, 2.5 miles to the north. When the planning is completed, the project will be eligible for additional grant funding for construction. 

Eventually, the trails will connect to other trail segments as part of the 1,200-mile California Coastal Trail

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