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Well & Septic Instructions & Forms

Instructions and forms necessary for applying for Well and Septic permits are listed below.

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  • Use form ACT-001 to request a Refund for Expenses Incurred (PDF: 200 kB) (Version 02/05/2020)

  • Minimum standard site plan requirements for most applications at Permit Sonoma. (Planning applications have different site plan requirements.) (Revised 12/09/2020)

  • Information on owners and contractors of their responsibility to protect storm water quality during construction and to present recommendations on how to protect storm water quality. Responsible and proper construction management at the job site is essential for the protection of storm water quality. (Revised 05/07/2006)

  • Information on responsibility to protect stormwater quality during construction and to inform the development community of the State Water Resources Control Board’s General Permit requirements for construction projects disturbing one (1) or more total acres of soil. (Revised 08/26/2005)

  • Best Management Practices that construction site managers shall implement to keep pollutants from entering the storm drain system or nearby waterways. (Revised 12/10/2009)

  • A septic tank destruction permit is required whenever a septic tank is to be destroyed. The only exception is if another septic system is being installed under a separate permit. This document provides information and procedures for obtaining a septic tank destruction permit. (Version: 12/09/2019)

  • This form is used to request a paid service from the Well & Septic Division of Permit Sonoma related to an existing or proposed septic system. A permit application may be required following the requested service. (PDF: 145 kB) (Revised 03/09/2006)

  • The purpose of this form is to specify the basis for not approving a septic system percolation test..(PDF: 57 kB) (Revised 11/17/2006)

  • Submittal requirements for Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) applications and checklists for OWTS plans and design reports for OWTS applications. (Version 12/19/2019)

  • This application is used to apply for an Operational Permit (OPR) for Non-Standard Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS) or an OWTS that requires monitoring in accordance with Sonoma County Municipal Code, Section 24-33. It also ensures property owners are aware and understand that Non-Standard OTWS or OWTS that require monitoring are subject to OPR conditions and monitoring requirements. Valid OPRs are transferable to subsequent property owners upon change of property ownership. (Version: 12/13/2021)

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Well and Septic Districts Map

Map of Well & Septic's environmental health districts within Sonoma County.