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VuSpex Video Inspections
Mobile App Instructions

Permit Sonoma provides some inspection services via VuSpex remote video technology. Our goal is to keep your projects moving.

If you are selected for video inspection, please follow the instructions to get started with your first video inspection. If you scheduled an inspection by telephone or via Permits Online, our inspection team will call the morning of your scheduled inspection date with a time and additional instructions for your video inspection to begin.

What is VuSpex?

VuSpex Mobile Video Inspections

Permit Sonoma is now offering VuSpex, a virtual inspection tool that provides inspection services to contractors remotely, with the use of an iOS or Android smart phone. By using VuSpex, our Inspectors can remotely perform a virtual inspection. VuSpex allows the inspector to take pictures, videos, make notes, and even uses a geo-locator to verify that the inspection location is the same as the permit address.


  1. Install on IOS or Android
  2. Create an account and link to agency
  3. Sign-in

After completing these steps, your agency contact will be able to schedule and perform VuSpex mobile video inspections with you.

Install VuSpex

While viewing this document from your smartphone, choose iOS or Android.

Download on the App Store - AppleAndroid App on Google Play

  1. Open the App Store app for iOS or Google Play Store app for Android
  2. Search for "VuSpex"
  3. Install VuSpex on your smart phone

Create a VuSpex Account & Link to Agency

From Your Web Browser

Go to:

From the VuSpex Mobile App

  1. Open the VuSpex app on your phone
  2. Tap the "Create New Account" link on the Sign-in screen
    This launches the mobile browser on your phone where you enter your information.

Step 1 of 4: Enter personal information and select a password.
Use an email address that is accessible from your phone or computer.

Note: Only alphanumeric characters are supported in passwords. Do not use special characters like "-" or "%".

Step 2 of 4: User receives an email with a four-digit verification code. Enter the code where prompted to proceed.

Note: If the email is not received within a few minutes, check your spam folder. Do not leave the Step 2 of 4 screen until you have entered your four-digit code.

Step 3 of 4: States: Select "California" from the list of states. Then tap "Next."

Note: If "Next" is grayed-out, tap "Add State," then tap "Next."

Step 4 of 4: Agency: Set the agency to "Sonoma County" and tap "Next."

Your account is now set up.


Return to VuSpex App & Sign In: Open the mobile app and sign-in with your credentials.

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