Zoning & Parcel Report

Parcel Number: 072-130-005

Associated Addresses


Parcel Report

Parcel Number:
Unincorporated Sonoma County

K, F1 F2 LG/116 LG/RRC RC50/25 SR VOH
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Land Use:

Air Quality Control Board:
Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District
ALUC Referral Area:
Not Applicable
Appealable to Coastal Commission:
Not Applicable
Area & Specific Plan:
Not Applicable
Assessor Use Code:
0001 [Vacant Res Lot Undevel W/util]
Bodega Bay PUD:
Not Applicable
California Tiger Salamander:
Not Applicable
F1 - Floodway:
Resides Within
F2 - Floodplain:
Resides Within
Fire District:
Russian River FPD
Fire Event - Within:
Not Applicable
Fire Protection Response Area:
SRA = State
Flood Prone Urban Area:
Not Applicable
Groundwater Availability:
Zone 1 - Major groundwater basin
Historic District:
Not Applicable
Inspector - Building:
Dominick Sebastiani
Inspector - Code Enforcement:
Andrew Lee
Inspector - Code Enforcement Cannabis:
Jesse Cablk
Inspector - Well & Septic:
North West District
Land Size - Acres:
Land Size - Sq Ft:
Not Mapped, Surficial Deposits
Lat/Long (Parcel Center):
38.494182, -123.007330
High Susceptibility, Very High Susceptibility, Water
Local Area Development Guideline:
116 Scenic Highway Corridor Study Guideline, Russian River Corridor Design Guideline
NRCS Soils (Expansive Soils*):
HlG, W, YmB, YnA
Parcel Specific Policy:
Not Applicable
Planning Area:
4 - Russian River
Redevelopment Plan:
Russian River Redevelopment Plan
Sanitation District:
Russian River County Sanitation District
School District - Elementary:
School District - High:
West Sonoma Union
Seismic Design Category:
Sphere of Influence:
Not Applicable
Supervisorial District:
District 5
Tax Rate Area:
Urban Growth:
Not Applicable
Urban Service Area:
Guerneville USA
Waiver Prohibition Area:
Not Applicable
Water Quality Control Board:
North Coast Region
Wet Weather Zone:
E - Guerneville
Williamson Act Land Contract:
Not Applicable


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