• Road Naming

Road Naming & Addressing

Road Naming: Permit Sonoma works to assign new road names and rename old road names that have conflicting or duplicate names.

Addressing: Permit Sonoma is charged with the responsibility of assigning new and adjusting existing physical addresses to all lands within the unincorporated areas of Sonoma County. The essential goal of addressing is to provide for the safety of the residents of Sonoma County and support emergency service efficiencies.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if my property is in an incorporated city or unincorporated Sonoma County?

Even if your address contains the name of an incorporated city, your property may still be located within unincorporated Sonoma County. To find out the local jurisdiction for your property, use the Zoning & Parcel Report tool to search by address or parcel number.

Road Naming

Why do I have to name my road?

The Fire Safe Ordinance requires that all roads which provide primary access to more than two properties must be named. Lanes or roads with no name are difficult to find and are easily overlooked during an emergency response. Responders are not always familiar with your area.

The County is not requiring that our road be named right now. Can we name it anyway?

Yes. Please contact Permit Sonoma for the proper petition forms. A majority of the property owners who use the road for their primary access or have property bordering the road, must sign the petition form agreeing to the road naming and the stated choices for the name.

Will my mail box be moved onto my newly named road, or will it stay where it is, at the end of the lane on the primary road?

The mail boxes will stay where they are now. Mail delivery routes and the location of mail boxes are determined by the US Postal Service. If you want to change the location of your-mailbox, you must contact your local Postmaster.

Now that my road is going to have a name, will it be a public road (not private)?

No. If the road was private, it will remain private.

After my road is named, will the county begin maintaining it?

No. Your access road remains private property.

Who puts up the new road name sign?

If the owners and users of the road petitioned the County for an official road name, then they are collectively responsible for purchasing, installing, and maintaining an approved road name sign. Contact Permit Sonoma to obtain County road sign specifications.

If one property owner was required to submit a Road Name Application,that owner has the primary responsibility for the initial installation of the sign. All owners and users of the road share responsibility for its maintenance. Contact Permit Sonoma to obtain County road sign specifications.

There was a road name sign on my road, but it was stolen or damaged. What happens now?

Private Roads: All of the property owners along the road are collectively responsible for maintaining or replacing the sign, just as they are responsible for roadbed maintenance. Together, you must replace the sign. Contact Permit Sonoma to obtain County road sign specifications.

County Maintained Roads: Contact Sonoma County Transportation and Public Works Department Road Maintenance Division by phone at (707) 565-5100 or report online via SoCo Report It.


Why do I have to change my address?

Your new address will make it easier for fire, emergency medical services, and law enforcement personnel to find your home quickly. Additionally, delivery and service providers will be able to find your address. Your old address was either out of sequence or on a road which did not have a name.

What happens to mail with my old address on it?

We will notify your local post office of your new address. The postal delivery system will cross reference your old address to your new address. For best service, either complete a Change of Address Packet available by calling 1-800-ASK-USPS or use the USPS website to submit change of address online.

When do I begin using my new address?

You may begin using your new address as soon as you receive the official notification letter from Permit Sonoma. It may be a few months before businesses and government agencies get their records updated. If anyone questions your new address, you may provide them with a copy of the official notification letter.

Do I have to put my new numbers on my house and my driveway?

Yes. The new address numbers must be posted where your driveway meets the road and must be visible from both directions of travel on that road. You must also put your address numbers on your house in a place where they will be visible from the road or from your primary driveway. The numbers must be reflective, must contrast with their background, and they must be at least four inches tall. Don't forget to change the numbers on your mailbox. Contact Permit Sonoma to obtain a complete listing of County specifications.

Will the title to my property be affected by the address change?

No. An address is not part of the legal description of your property. The legal description is contained in the deed and in the Preliminary Title Report you obtained prior to purchase.

Do I have to notify my lender about this new address?

Yes. You should notify your mortgage holder, property insurer, other creditors, issuers of other types of insurance (life, health, personal property, etc), in addition to service providers and any others with whom you do business.

Why do I have to fill out a Change of Mailing Address form for the Assessor if you've already notified the Assessor of my address change?

We will notify the County Property Tax Assessor that the physical street address of your property has changed. Only you, or your authorized agent, are authorized to notify the Assessor of a mailing address change. This is to ensure that your property tax bill is mailed to the correct address. Your mailing address may be different than the property address if you own more than one property or use a post office box. Remember, you are responsible for paying your taxes by the due date even if you do not receive a bill.

My vacant parcel has never had an address. How do I get one?

Vacant parcels are not addressed. Usually, a building permit must be issued before addressing is performed. For answers to specific questions about your parcel, please contact Permit Sonoma.