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Universal Design Checklist

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The following is a checklist of universal design housing features:

  1. Provide an accessible route of travel from the public sidewalk or street to the primary entrance in the form of a graded path, ramp, or drive-way to graded path.
  2. Provide at least one step-free entrance into the home.
  3. Provide a 60 inches x 60 inches (5 feet diameter) clearance at the primary entrance to the home.
  4. Provide flush thresholds: exterior maximum of 1/2 inch beveled, interior maximum ¼ inch.
  5. Provide 42 inches wide hall-ways with 32 inches-clearance doorway
  6. Include variable height (28 inches - 42 inches) work surfaces such as countertops, sinks, and/or cooktops in the kitchen.
  7. 50% of all storage within the home should be less than 54 inches high.
  8. Provide structural reinforcement within bathroom walls adjacent to toilet, shower, and bathtub for future installation of grab bars.
  9. Full bathroom on an accessible route including a minimum 60 inches x 60 inches turning area, clear space for toilet and sink with minimum 30 inches x 48 inches clear use area (may overlap with 60 inches x 60 inches turning area).
  10. Include adjustable (36 inches - 60 inches) rods/shelves within closets located along an accessible route.
  11. Install lever-style door handles and faucet handles, and rocker-panel light switches throughout the home.
  12. Install electrical panel with top no more than 54 inches above floor and include a minimum 30 inches x 48 inches clear floor space in front of panel.
  13. Install light switches 42 inches - 48 inches above floor.
  14. Install electrical outlets 18 inches - 24 inches above floor.
  15. Install thermostats no higher than 48 inches above the floor.
  16. Include color contrasts between the following areas: floor surfaces and trims; stair treads and risers; and countertops and front edges or cabinet faces.
  17. Provide smooth, slip resistant flooring. If carpeted, use low density (less than 1/2 inch high pile), with firm pad.
  18. Complete single-floor living space: Provide entry, kitchen, laundry area, full bath, and flex room on primary level of home.
  19. Flex room should be useable as family room, nursery, playroom, home office, or bedroom depending on the needs of the residents.
  20. Avoid steps between rooms or areas on the primary floor of the residence.

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