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Single-Room Occupancy Facilities


Single Room Occupancy (SRO) facilities are intended to provide housing opportunities in selected commercial zones for lower-income  one- or two-person households that cannot typically afford apartments. Development standards are intended to ensure affordability and to address neighborhood compatibility and facility management issues. 


Small and large SRO facilities would be allowed in the Limited Commercial (LC), Retail Business (C2), and Planned Community (PC) Zoning Districts. SRO facilities in the PC District are only allowed on sites that are designated commercial on the General Plan land use maps. 

Permit Requirements

Small SRO facilities (fewer than 10 units) are allowed as a permitted use and larger SRO facilities may be permitted with a use permit in commercial zoning districts LC, C2, C1 and medium- and high-density residential zones (R2, R3, and PC). Notification to property owners within 300 feet and a public hearing before the Board of Zoning Adjustments (BZA) are required procedures for the Use Permit. All SRO facilities are subject to design review.

Development Standards

All SRO Facilities

  • No transient occupancy. Units must be occupied as the primary residence of the tenant.
  • Each SRO occupied by no more than two persons.
  • Minimum unit size of 150 square feet for single person occupancy and 220 square feet for two (2) person occupancy.
  • Laundry facilities must be provided on-site, unless public facilities are available nearby.
  • Adequate parking and storage must be provided for residents.
  • A manager’s office (2-9 rooms) or unit (10 or more rooms) is required. A management plan is required for any facility with two (2) or more SRO units.
  • Must meet ADA requirements, as determined by the Building Official.

Small SRO Facilities (fewer than 10 units)

  • Maximum unit size of 400 square feet
  • Individual or shared bathrooms and kitchens

Large SRO Facilities (10 or more units)

  • Maximum unit size of 300 square feet
  • Private bathroom facilities required; shower or bathtub facilities may be shared
  • Kitchen space limited to 50 percent of individual rooms. At least one common kitchen/dining area must be provided.

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