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Significant Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) – Archive 

Belden Barns Farmstead and Winery Project

The proposed Belden Barns Farmstead and Winery project  involves winemaking, farmstead food production, and farmstead product and wine tasting on the project site. The farmstead products would include fresh/preserved vegetables/fruits, eggs, charcuterie, and cheeses. The proposed project would include three primary uses with supporting uses and structures:

  1. production facility (creamery and winery facility)
  2. farmstead and wine tasting room and hospitality building
  3. agricultural promotional events.

Dutra Asphalt and Recycling Facility

The project is for construction and operation of an asphalt producing and recycling facility on a vacant 38-acre site adjacent to Highway 101 and Petaluma River, in the southwestern portion of Sonoma County, approximately 35 miles north of San Francisco.

Estero Trail Easement

Designation of trail corridors and associated staging areas and construction and operation of recreational amenities.

Draft Environmental Impact Report(PDF: 32.3 MB)

Printed copies of the Draft EIR and the Draft EIR Appendices can be viewed at the following locations:

  • Sonoma County Permit and Resource Management Department
    2550 Ventura Avenue, Santa Rosa
  • Sonoma County Regional Parks
    2300 County Center Drive, Suite B 100 Santa Rosa
  • Sonoma County Central Library
    3rd and E Streets, Santa Rosa
  • Sebastopol Regional Library
    7140 Bodega Avenue Sebastopol

General Plan 2020

The General Plan is the blueprint for land use in unincorporated Sonoma County. It includes maps that show where agricultural, residential, commercial and other land uses will be located, and a series of policies that guide future decisions about growth, development and conservation of resources. The General Plan provides the basis for development while maintaining the quality of life that Sonoma County residents treasure.

To view the General Plan 2020 Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) or the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR), please come to Permit Sonoma's Permit Center to view the documents.

Henry Cornell Winery

The project applicant, Guy Davis, representing Cornell Farms, LLC (Cornell Farms), proposes to develop a winery in eastern Sonoma County. 

Mark West Quarry Expansion

The Mark West Quarry Expansion Project involved rezoning a portion of an 81-acre parcel adjacent to the existing quarry property to add the Mineral Resource Combining District that would allow the mining of 500,000 cubic yards (CY) (750,000 tons) of material per year for a 20-year period and a Reclamation Plan that directs how the site would be reclaimed as mining is completed.

Roblar Road Quarry

Supplemental Environmental Impact Report – September 2018

The project applicant submitted an application to Permit Sonoma to modify Conditions of Approval/Mitigation Measures relating to the road widening of Roblar Road, signalization of Stony Point Road and Roblar Road, encroachment into wetland and riparian areas associated with the required widening of Roblar Road, a proposed relocation of Americano Creek.

Environmental Impact Report – May 2008

The project applicant, North Bay Construction, Inc., proposes to develop a quarry (Roblar Road Quarry) in southern Sonoma County, approximately five miles west of the City of Cotati.

Sonoma County Airport Master Plan Implementation Project

Sonoma Country Inn

Graywood Ranch LP has submitted an application to Sonoma County for approval to develop a 50room inn, spa, restaurant, a winery and 11 residential lots on the southeastern 186 acres of the 476acre Graywood Ranch. 1 The proposed project includes requests for a Lot Line Adjustment, Sonoma County General Plan amendment, North Sonoma Valley Specific Plan amendment, Zone Change, Major Subdivision, and Use Permit.

Sutter Hospital

Sutter Medical Center of Santa Rosa (Sutter) and the Luther Burbank Memorial Foundation (LBMF) request approval of a joint Master Plan prepared for the properties that comprise the project site at 50 Mark West Springs Road, Sonoma County, California. The joint Master Plan reflects the intent to accommodate both LBMF and Medical Campus facilities on the 53-acre site via an integrated land use and circulation plan, which would include a single major signalized site entry road from Mark West Springs Road.

Syar Alexander Valley Instream Mining Project and Sonoma County ARM Plan Amendments

A Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) has been prepared for the proposed Syar Alexander Valley Instream Mining Project and Sonoma County ARM Plan Amendments, PRMD File Number PLP08-0116.

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