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Special Newsletter – September 2020

With the Glass Fire Incident (Shady Fire) now in Sonoma County, it is important to be aware of potential dangers and to be ready to respond. For more emergency information about the current fires including evacuation zones visit:

Information in this newsletter features prevention and recovery information including the extended Chipper Program as well as information about recovery from the Walbridge and Meyers Fires.

Topics on this page:

Expanded 2020 Curbside Chipper Program

The Board of Supervisors have expanded funding for the 2020 Chipper Season! This means Sonoma County residents in unincorporated areas can now apply to utilize the free curbside chipper program until the additional slots are full. You can learn more by watching the below video and by visiting the Sonoma County Fire Prevention webpage

Rebuilding after the Walbridge and Meyers Fires

homes under constructionFor those affected by the Walbridge and Meyers Fires, the County has posted a Rapid Evaluation Safety Assessment (RESA) map that shows those properties that were damaged or destroyed. There are important steps to to take when starting to rebuild a property affected by the fires. For the steps to take when rebuilding in unincorporated Sonoma County you can visit the Sonoma County Rebuilding Together website.

Disaster Recovery Urgency Ordinance 40C

contractor with clipboardOn Tuesday September 15, 2020 the Board of Supervisors adopted Urgency Ordinance Chapter 40C: LNU Lightning Complex Disaster Recovery, to the Sonoma County Code. The ordinance allows property owners whose properties were damaged or destroyed during the Walbridge Fire to access expedited permitting, reduced fees, and to qualify for other temporary considerations. Those properties in the Meyers fire areas are governed by the Coastal Commission excluding them from Chapter 40C; however Permit Sonoma is committed to working closely with them and property owners to get properties rebuilt. You can view the entire ordinance and the Sonoma County Rebuilding Together website.

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