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June 2019

June Performance Data

June 2019 Performance DataWe strive to provide the best possible service to our customers as they navigate through complex state and local code require­ments. Below is the average time it took Permit Sonoma to provide first review comments to permit applicants. Numbers are rounded to the nearest whole number.

  • Building permits for residential properties valued less than $100k: 10 weeks
  • Building permits for non-residential properties valued at more than $100k: 10 weeks
  • Septic permits: 7 weeks
  • Encroachment permits: 3 weeks

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Onsite Waste Treatment System Manual Updates

septic sytem being installedThe Board of Supervisors approved required updates to the County of Sonoma Onsite Waste Treatment Systems (OWTS) Manual in order to meet state mandated policy that protects water quality and public health. The OWTS  Manual provides the regulations, procedural and technical details governing individual onsite wastewater treatment systems (also referred to as septic systems). State law mandates the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) adopt standards for regulation of onsite waste treatment systems ( State Water Board OWTS Policy). Get a review of the OWTS Manual revisions by watching the video recap

Learn more by reviewing the press release that includes the approved changes.

Comprehensive Planning Work Plan

Comprehensive Planning Work Plan Recap with Milan NevajdaOn June 4, 2019 the Board of Supervisors approved the Compre­hensive Planning Work Plan for Fiscal Year 2019-2020. This plan set the priority projects for the next two years. Watch the video recap given by Milan Nevajda, Deputy Director of Planning.

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Customer Interview with Jerry Eddinger

Customer Interview Jerry EddingerJerry Eddinger of Eddinger Enterprises, Inc. is a long time customer of Permit Sonoma. Check out his story and experience with Permit Sonoma.

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Public Meeting Recaps

BOS Recap VideosIf you can’t make it to public meetings, Permit Sonoma has started a series of meeting recap videos for viewers to learn about important issues discussed. You can find all the videos on the Permit Sonoma YouTube channel.

Permit Sonoma YouTube Channel

Abandoned Vehicle Abatement – 2019 Flood Response

Code Enforcement flood damage black ToyotaPermit Sonoma’s Code Enforcement Division has been tasked with managing the Sonoma County Abandoned Vehicle Abatement program for the past 25 years. In years past, this program did not require the Code Enforcement Division to spend too many resources removing abandoned vehicles from County roads due to the assistance of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department’s Volunteer program.

In early 2018, the Sheriff’s Department Volunteers retired and the Division was required to make up for an estimated additional 300 calls for service per year. In August of 2018, the Division began to divert one of our area inspectors to full time abandoned vehicle abatement duties. It is the Division’s hope to one day get this designated position funded because of the large community service the position serves.

Jackie Crawford is our abandoned vehicle Abatement Officer and she was recently tasked to work with the California Highway Patrol and their abandoned vehicle staff to assist with the removal of water damaged vehicles.

“During the month of May, with the assistance of the California Highway Patrol, we tagged approximately 60 vehicles, issued 13 property owners with Notice and Orders for Non-Operational Motor Vehicle Storage Yards, towed 13 flood damaged vehicles and 3 vehicles were surrendered by owner for non-operational issues not related to the 2019 floods.” – Jackie

The Division has received customer comments about the success of the program:

“I heard my husband speaking with someone outside a short while ago. I assumed it was a neighbor. I live on Canyon 1 Rd in Rio Nido. The house with the Corvette in our garage. I wish that I would have come down to meet you. Thank you so much for checking out the car situation on our street and leaving your card. It’s a nightmare many days trying to navigate passed all of the cars parked on both sides of the very narrow street down from us. I know that the CHP has been called many times because our garbage man can’t get through on Thursdays, at times our garbage is not picked up. There are days that we just have to lay on our horn to have someone come out to move cars. They have no consideration for others. Thank you again for all that you do. I really appreciate it!” Sincerely, Barbi

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