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August 2019

Code Enforcement Takes Action on Illegal Cannabis Grows

Cannabis tree much taller than adultIn rural Northern Sonoma County, Permit Sonoma staff searched two properties for the presence of unpermitted cannabis operations. At the first property, inspectors discovered 13 greenhouses with over 4,000 cannabis plants. In addition, there were 76, 27-gallon containers full of processed cannabis, an unpermitted cargo container with electrical and mechanical systems, a 120 sq foot storage room with electrical, unpermitted grading, and a non-permitted 3,000 gallon fuel storage tank. Additional unpermitted structures included five occupied tents, a 2,500 sq multipurpose building, an occupied travel trailer, and other dangerous buildings.

At the second nearby property there were 600 cannabis plants, two 500 gallon propane tanks, hazardous electrical systems, sewage and grey water from two occupied travel trailers, non-op vehicle storage yard, and junkyard conditions. In addition, several other unpermitted structures were discovered including four greenhouses with electrical, three land-sea cargo containers, two drying rooms with hazardous electrical, a non-permitted dwelling unit with electrical and mechanical, unpermitted septic tanks, and substandard housing.

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Coastal Close-Up Photo Contest

Permit Sonoma recently held a photo contest to highlight the beautiful Sonoma Coast in preparation for publication of the updated draft Sonoma County Local Coastal Plan. After a month and a half contest period the below winners took the prize!

Contest Winners

People’s Choice Award Winner – Steve Pearce

Steve Pearce - bald eagle at Jenner“This photo is of a female bald eagle and was taken at driftwood beach in Jenner, CA on April 13th 2019. The Jenner bald eagles often spend their mornings at Goat Rock beach searching for something to eat.”

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Non-Professional Category Winner – Paula Park

Paula Park - Pinnacle Gulch Beach Bodega Bay“This photo was taken at Pinnacle Gulch Beach at Bodega Bay on August 7, 2017. It was an incredibly “birdy” day, they were on a feeding frenzy. I don’t know much about seabirds, but there had to be large schools of fish passing through. The shoreline was covered with gulls. I was alone, and honestly got a bit of the creeps. Flashbacks of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” was making me nervous. My favorite birds by far, were the Pelicans.”

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Professional Category Winner – Mark Zukowski

LCP - Mark Zukowski - Bodega Head 250“I took this photograph on February 1, 2014 as the sun was setting on the small beach at Bodega Head in Sonoma County. The tide was low, revealing abundant vegetation, including seaweed, sea grass, and kelp. Mussels are clinging to the rocks in the background.”

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HazMat Team Keeps Our Roads and Waterways Safe

Fire Prevention HazMat logo on vehicle doorAt approx­­imately 4:00 PM on August 12, 2019, Sonoma County HazMat 29 was dispatched to an overturned tanker truck leaking molten asphalt on the northbound on ramp of Highway 101 at Lytton Springs Road. Approximately 1,500 of the 3,000 gallons of product had leaked from the tanker. Caltrans and employees from Granite Construction quickly contained the spill while CHP provided traffic control. Geyserville Fire and CAL FIRE provided medical and fire support. No waterways were threatened. HazMat 29 ensured scene safety and compliance with hazardous waste disposal. On August 13th at approx­imately 2:00 PM, the tanker was righted and moved from the on ramp. The Lytton Springs on ramp reopened at 5:17 PM.

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Storm Drains Connect Streets to Creeks

Storm Drains Connect Streets to Creeks, Ours to ProtectThe County of Sonoma is part of a coalition to raise awareness about neighbor­hood storm drains and their connection to the vitality of our local creeks. The campaign includes educational videos and robust outreach to help encourage the community to play an active role in protecting our watersheds.

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Check out this video about safer car washing methods:

Sonoma Developmental Center (SDC) Update

Sonoma Developmental Center Specific Plan, Our Valley Our FutureThe Sonoma Develop­mental Center (SDC) is entering a new chapter as the County and State embark on a unique partnership to prepare a Specific Plan for the site that will guide the property disposition process. The County’s Permit Sonoma department is leading the planning effort together with a consultant team. The Specific Plan will expand on work already completed by the State to understand site conditions and opportunities. From there, the planning effort will develop conceptual alternatives for the site’s future and then prepare a draft Specific Plan using the community’s preferred path forward. Community input is essential to creating a strong and viable vision for the site. Permit Sonoma is recruiting community members for a Planning Advisory Team (PAT) to advise staff and consultants during the process, review Specific Plan materials, and serve as ambassadors to the public.

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Performance Dashboards

Fire Rebuild Status MapPermit Sonoma has developed a new and improved performance "dashboard" for fire rebuilds. The new dashboard includes both data summaries and a map interface to allow a quick assessment of the overall rebuild status while providing a detailed, parcel and permit level ability to check the status at the parcel level, all from the most current data sets that are updated in real time.

View additional dashboards, including average wait times at the permit center and permit issuance timelines.

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