Springs Specific Plan

Spring Area Plan LogoThe Springs is a friendly, multi-cultural community with a rich history and an engaged citizenry. Located in Central Sonoma Valley and immediately north of the City of Sonoma, the Springs includes portions of the unincorporated communities of Aqua Caliente, Fetters Hot Springs, and Boyes Hot Springs. Covering approximately 178 acres, the Springs Specific Plan area is bounded by Aqua Caliente Road at the north and Verano Avenue at the south and bisected by the Highway 12 commercial corridor, which provides connectivity to communities and attractions throughout the region.

Find Out: What is a Specific Plan?

Latest News

We hear you! There has been an outpouring of community interest about the Springs Specific Plan (SSP) project recently. We want to keep you updated on our progress.

  • An updated schedule will be released soon
  • The Draft Environmental Impact Report is still being prepared
  • Additional technical analysis is being considered to provide the public, staff, and decisions makers with more robust information
  • We have received a request to extend the 45-day Draft Environmental Impact Report review time, and we are considering an appropriate duration to allow for a thorough public review

What is a Specific Plan?

A Specific Plan is a comprehensive planning and zoning document for a defined geographic region of the County. Its purpose is to implement the General Plan by providing a special set of development standards applied to a particular geographic area. The Specific Plan is also used to regulate the land uses within that area, and to analyze and finance the necessary infrastructure to serve the area. The environmental review document prepared for a Specific Plan (typically an Environmental Impact report, or EIR) provides an opportunity to holistically address potential impacts on the environment and to change aspects of the plan to provide the best guidance for future development possible. A Specific Plan cannot be used to promote development that is inconsistent with the General Plan.

The specific plan process must provide opportunities for the general public, as well as residents located within planning areas, to assist in the planning of their particular communities. Public involvement helps define the community’s vision of future growth and development. More information about Specific Plans can be found here.

    Where We Are Now

    1Step 1 - Complete

    Project Launch

    2Step 2 - Complete

    Background Reports

    3Step 3 - Complete

    Alternatives Development

    4Step 4 - Complete

    Draft Specific Plan

    5Step 5 - Incomplete

    Draft Environmental Impact Report (expected public review release Fall 2020)

    6Step 6 - Incomplete

    1st Planning Commission Hearing (to be held during DEIR public review release)

    7Step 7 - Incomplete

    2nd Planning Commission Hearing (Winter 2021)

    8Step 8 - Incomplete

    Board of Supervisors Hearing and Plan Adoption (Spring 2021)