Springs Specific Plan

Spring Area Plan LogoIn 2015, Sonoma County embarked on an effort to create a community-driven Specific Plan for the Springs community. The Sonoma County Springs Specific Plan project is a County-led effort to develop a primary planning document and reference guide for future development in the Springs. It is intended to foster a vibrant, attractive, multimodal community with increased opportunities for housing and improved circulation for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit. The Springs Specific Plan encompasses approximately 178 acres located in central Sonoma Valley immediately north of the city of Sonoma and includes portions of the unincorporated communities of Agua Caliente, Fetters Hot Springs,Boyes Hot Springs, and the neighborhood north of the City of Sonoma.

Latest News

We hear you! There has been an outpouring of community interest about the Springs Specific Plan (SSP) project recently. We want to keep you updated on our progress.

  • An updated schedule will be released soon
  • The Draft Environmental Impact Report is still being prepared
  • Additional technical analysis is being considered to provide the public, staff, and decisions makers with more robust information
  • We have received a request to extend the 45-day Draft Environmental Impact Report review time, and we are considering an appropriate duration to allow for a thorough public review

Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

The EIR is still being prepared and the Springs Specific Plan (SPP) discussion document is in draft form. Members of the public will be asked to review and comment on both documents prior to their being finalized.