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Project Schedule

The Sonoma County Airport SMART Station Specific Plan is a collaboration between County staff, stakeholders and community members, and the consultant team. The process graphic illustrates the each group’s involvement in the planning process, as shown below and found in the link. 

The anticipated project schedule lays out upcoming events and milestones in the preparation of the plan, as shown in the graphic below (text version follows).

Airport Area Specific Plan and EIR Project Schedule May 2019

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Download in PDF format (PDF: 2.24 MB)

Project Schedule - Text Version


Outreach and Meetings

  • February: Kick Off 
  • March-April: Advisory Team Meeting 1 
  • April: Pop-up Workshop 1


  • February-March: Base Maps
  • March: Engagement Strategy
  • December: EIA Profile
  • December: Market Study


Outreach and Meetings

  • January: Staff Design/Policy Charrette
  • March-April: Advisory Team Meeting 2
  • April: Community Meeting, Alternatives
  • May: Stakeholders Meeting
  • June: Property Owner Workshop
  • July: Staff Meeting Draft Preferred Alternative Review 


  • March: Alternatives


Outreach and Meetings

  • February: Preferred Plan Review
  • February: Property Owner Workshop 3
  • February: Advisory Team Meeting 3
  • August-September: Admin Draft Plan Staff Review
  • October: Property Owner workshop 3
  • October: Advisory Team Meeting 4
  • November: Pop-up 2
  • November: Community Meeting
  • November-December: Staff Plan Review


  • February: Preferred Alternative
  • June: Design Standards
  • July: Infrastructure/Implementation
  • August: Admin Draft Plan
  • October: Public Draft Plan
  • October: Admin Draft EIR Bio Assessment
  • October: Admin Draft EIR
  • December: Public Review Draft EIR


Outreach and Meetings

  • January: Planning Commission 1
  • February: Airport Land Use Commission Review
  • April: Planning Commission Recommendation
  • May-June: BOS Hearing


  • February: Admin FIER and Response to Comments
  • March-April: Public Final FEIR
  • May-June: Adopted Plan and Certified EIR