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Airport Area Specific Plan

Project Background and Description

The Sonoma County Airport Area Specific Plan is a County-led effort to update the existing Sonoma County Airport Industrial Area Specific Plan for the area within the County that encompasses approximately 810 acres (see the Project Area Map). The Airport Area Specific Plan aims to reflect current market conditions and community needs, and support continued economic development and employment opportunities within an existing urbanized area of the County.  The resulting plan will be a comprehensive product that addresses land use, circulation, design standards, infrastructure planning, and implementation strategies to guide the growth within the Specific Plan area.

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Status and Next Steps

The Draft Airport Area Specific Plan and Environmental Impact Report are scheduled to be developed during the Summer of 2019. Public release of the drafts is anticipated in Fall 2019.

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Where We Are Now

1Step 1 - Complete

Project Launch

2Step 2 - Complete

Background Reports

3Step 3 - Complete

Alternatives Development

4Step 4 - Incomplete

Draft Specific Plan (February 2020)

5Step 5 - Incomplete

Draft Environmental Impact Report (February 2020)

6Step 6 - Incomplete

Stake Holder and Public Outreach (March 2020)

7Step 7 - Incomplete

1st Planning Commission (Spring 2020)

8Step 8 - Incomplete

Airport Land Use Commission (Spring 2020)

9Step 9 - Incomplete

2nd Planning Commission (Spring 2020)

10Step 10 - Incomplete

BOS Adoption - Final Specific Plan (Summer 2020)