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BPC-004 Submittal Requirements for Commercial Tenant Improvement Building Permit Applications

Revised 11/17/2005


To provide submittal requirements for commercial tenant improvement projects.

Submittal Requirements

  1. A complete building permit application signed by one of the following: property owner, licensed contractor, architect, engineer; or include letter of authorization from the property owner.
  2. Obtain required approvals from Permit Sonoma which may include the following:
    1. Zoning
    2. Health (Food handling, Solid Waste/Trash Enclosures)
    3. Road Encroachment
    4. Fire Prevention
    5. Sewer or Septic
  3. Obtain approval from other Departments including:
  4. A site plan showing compliance with State accessibility parking and access requirements. Include details of the existing accessible parking, including striping, signs, curb cuts and ramps showing dimensions, slopes and cross slopes. Path of travel to the structure showing dimensions, slopes and cross slopes, including the details of an accessible entrance(s) (see PRMD Policy #9-4-8).
  5. Provide the existing floor plan (for each level if multi story) and identify:
    1. Original building permit number, if known.
    2. Location of new tenant space in existing building.
    3. List of occupancy(ies) and type of construction of the existing building.
    4. Existing tenant address(es) and tenant space designation.
    5. Compliance with State Accessibility Regulations for existing accessible elements.
  6. Proposed tenant improvements:
    1. Four (4) sets of complete drawings.
      1. State law requires drawings for structural changes must be prepared, stamped and signed by a licensed professional Architect or Civil Engineer.
      2. Structural modifications shall include structural calculations and drawings.
    2. Plans shall include the following:
      1. Compliance with current adopted codes for the intended use. Occupancy and type of construction shall be specified.
      2. Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing line drawings.
      3. Fixture count list for new Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing fixtures.
      4. Compliance with State Accessibility Regulations for proposed accessible elements.
      5. Compliance with California Energy Laws. Energy Calculations (CF-1 form is required for all projects even if other calculations are not required).