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BPC-003 Building Plan Check Submittal List

Revised 03/02/2010

Minimum Requirements


4 complete sets of signed plans (plans for non-conventional construction must be stamped and signed by a licensed professional). (Preferred 24" x 36") Additional sets of plans (can be 8 1/2" x 11") may be required by other Permit Sonoma sections.


4 complete sets of stamped and signed plans.

2 additional sets of site and floor plans (can be 8 1/2" x 11") are required if property is served by a septic system.

All Projects

Job address must be posted at the site and at the road, visible from both directions. Building location must be staked within 48 hours after submitting building plan check application. Applicant must provide a map clearly indicating location of project to eliminate processing delays and provide gate codes as necessary. See CNI-002 Site Evaluation Procedures, Site Evaluation Procedures for Building and Grading Permits. All projects subject to the green building ordinance are required to have the Build It Green (BIG) or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) checklists incorporated on the plans with worksheets attached to each plan set.

A complete set of plans consists of the following mandatory items:

Plot/Site Plan

Must comply with Minimum Standard Site Plan, see CSS-019- Minimum Standard Site Plan Requirements, depicting such things as property lines, north arrow, all buildings or structures, setbacks to property lines and creeks, driveways, lot dimensions, drainage features, contour lines, septic system, well, fire safe standards requirements, etc.

Floor Plan

Show dimensions, use of each room, windows, doors, plumbing fixtures, electrical and mechanical features.

Foundation Plan

Show dimensions, type of foundation, details of all footings (interior and exterior), fireplace supports, porches, patios, garage slabs, straps, tie downs, anchor bolts, retaining walls, crawl space access and ventilation.


Exterior views from each side (min. of 4 sides) showing and identifying all exterior building materials, windows, doors, roof pitch, existing and proposed grade, setbacks to all slopes steeper than 3:1 (hor:ver) stepped footing outline and appropriate details.

Framing Plan

Show all floors, ceilings, roofs, stairs, walls, decks and porches. Identify the size and spacing of all framing members, locate all tie downs, connections and cross reference all applicable details. Dimension heights of floors, ceilings and roofs from grade.

Cross Sections

At least one cross section through entire building from bottom of footing to top of roof structure. Identify all structural members and insulation. Include other sections as required for complex structures, fireplaces, and special framing details.

Structural Details

Structural details of all foundation, floor, wall, and roof construction. Include connections, support of beams, flashing and wood to earth separation details.

Signed Drawings

Plans must be signed by the designer. If the structure is commercial, non-wood framed, a residence higher than two stories, non-conventional construction (metal, concrete or masonry), or a residential project with more than four (4) dwellings on a single parcel, the plans must be signed by a licensed engineer or architect.

Disabled Accessibility

Detail for all existing and new disabled access represented on all commercial building plans. features shall be graphically

Other Items Which May be Required:

Title 24 Energy Calcs

All new construction and additions that increase conditioned floor space and volume require two (2) signed and stamped sets of Title 24 energy calculations.

Engineering Calcs

Any non-conventional construction (metal, concrete, masonry or long spans) requires two (2) signed and stamped sets of structural calculations.

Geotechnical Report

Two (2) signed and stamped sets are required for all new commercial structures, or if indicated in structural calculations, building plans, subdivision development plans or by site evaluation. A plan review letter from the geotechnical engineer, verifying that all geotechnical recommendations have been adhered to, may also be required.

Truss Calcs & Layout

Two (2) signed and stamped sets are required prior to underfloor inspection when engineered trusses are used. Trusses over 40 feet long require engineered design of supporting walls at initial plan check submittal.

Special Inspections

When special inspection is required by CBC Section 1704, the architect or engineer of record shall prepare an inspection program which shall be submitted to the building official for approval prior to issuance of the building permit. (CBC Sec. 109).

Elevation Certificate

Required if project is located within 100 year Flood Zone.

Creek Setback

Required when adjacent to year round creek. Recommended distance is 2 1/2 time the depth of the creek plus 30 feet. See DRN-005 Waterway Setback Requirements.

Grading Plan/Permit

Required if project meets the criteria established by the current California Building Code. See GRD-002 Grading Permit Questionnaire (PDF: 176 kB).

Conditions of Approval

All Planning Department “Conditions of Approval” shall be included on a separate sheet, or sheets, of blueprint plan sets to be submitted for building and grading permit applications.