Construction Permit Types

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  • Sonoma County Fire Safety Ordinance, all roadway and driveway structures shall be designed, constructed, and maintained in accordance with applicable sections of the county building and fire code, the Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges, and any administrative regulations and shall have a minimum designed live-load capacity of HS 20.
  • The Permit Sonoma Fire Prevention and Hazardous Materials Division conducts fire safety and hazardous materials inspections, and issues operational permits based on storage of specific hazardous materials, processes, and operations associated with cannabis.

  • Since February 25, 2003, the County of Sonoma Board of Supervisors approved a Sonoma County Fire Safety Ordinance Numbers. #5402 (2003), #5373 (2007), #5905 (2010) and #6049 (2013); to require fire sprinklers for both residential and commercial occupancies (with some exceptions).
  • Per Fire Safe Standards Sec 13-38, gate entrances shall be at least two feet (2') wider than the width of the traffic lane(s) serving the gate.
  • In an effort to provide both fire department emergency access and building security for buildings, the Fire Prevention Division has selected the Knox Box public Safety Key Box System for use in accomplishment of these goals. This is a system that will allow us access to a key for non-destructive entry into a building.
  • Automated inspection requests for the Permit Sonoma Fire Prevention Division. Requests can be made via phone, mobile app, or online via web browser.
  • Code Reference California Fire Code 2013, Chapter 6 Building Service and Systems. Please refer to the actual code sections for updates and full language.
  • Permitted Building Construction in the Wildland Urban Interface or State Responsibility Area requires all structures to be built according to specific codes. The codes are referenced as Chapter 7A, in the California Building Code and Chapter 327 in the California Residential Code.
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