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How to Submit Cannabis Hoop House Permit Applications Electronically

A Cannabis Hoop House or temporary membrane structure permit is required for all hoop house permits associated with Cannabis Use Permits and agricultural permits.

This permit type is a Fire permit issued by Sonoma County Fire Prevention, a Division of Permit Sonoma.

More information related to Fire Division Cannabis permits:

Applications are submitted to

1. Ensure You Have a Complete Application

Please follow the process below to prepare to submit a Cannabis Hoop House Permit application.

Ensure you have a complete application.

  1. Temporary Cannabis Hoop Structure Permit Application (PDF)
  2. Permit applications must be filled out completely. One application for each business on a single parcel. The permit is tied to the business and/or grower and the parcel. There is no limit on a Fire Permit for the number hoop houses per parcel. You may need to fill out an additional permit page if you have more than 10 different types of hoop houses. You may combine hoop houses that are the exact same size on one line. Example: 10 hoop houses x 500 square feet, 50 feet length x 10 feet width x 7 feet height.
  3. Temporary membrane structures shall not be erected for a period of more than 180 days within a 12-month period on a single premise. If there are multiple businesses or growers on a parcel, a separate permit is required for each. The 180-day period can be split up, but a new permit and a removal inspection will be required for each period. Example: April 1 – June 30 is 90 days. September 1 – November is 90 days equaling 180 days within a 12 month period. Two permits and two removal inspections are required. All hoop house structures must be erected and taken down on the same dates when on the same permit.
  4. The Site Plan includes:  an overview of the site, google map, and diagram with labeling, location of closest road access, location of any vehicle gates and security type, location of buildings onsite, layout of all hoop houses on parcel designating which are for the application. Note: multiple business entities shall each apply for a separate permit on a single parcel, and it will be clearly marked on the site plan which hoop houses are associated with each permit. If multiple growers chose different removal dates, it needs to be very clear on the site map to avoid confusion and possible penalties.
  5. Construction documents: Diagram of hoop house structure, materials used, type and size of staking and how it is anchored.
  6. In order to issue the Cannabis Hoop House Permit, the Code Enforcement unit must review and approve of the permit before Fire Prevention can issue it.

2. Application Submittal

Send Cannabis Hoop House application materials to:

Note: Applications are only issued by the Fire Prevention Division.

  1. Applications are required to be submitted as one merged PDF file: View instructions
  2. In the subject line of the email include the property address or parcel number and Cannabis Hoop House permit application.
  3. If the application is determined to be complete for submittal, you will receive an email with the permit number (format: FIRxx-xxxx) and an invoice for the required application fees.
  4. If the application is incomplete for submittal, you will be notified of the required revisions or missing materials.

3. Account Linking

Link your permit to your online account.

Once staff have given you your permit number(s):

  1. Register for a Permits Online account if you do not have one already.
  2. Submit this form to request that your Permits Online account be linked with your permit(s):   Account Linking Form

4. Fee Payment

Pay for the application online.

  1. An application will be considered accepted upon receipt of payment.
  2. Once you receive the application invoice, please visit our online permitting website and
    1. Select ‘Pay Fees’ on the home page.
    2. Enter the Record Number and select ‘Search’.
    3. Select the ‘Payments’ Tab at the top and then ‘Pay Fee’ on the right side of the invoice line.
    4. Follow the instructions from there.
    5. If you are unable to pay fees online or must pay in cash, the Cashier at Permit Sonoma is available when the office is open. Check online for Permit Sonoma hours of operation.
  3. Please email with the permit number (format: FIRxx-xxxx) to notify us that you have paid so that we can make sure the permit is in issued status.

You may print any part of the online permit once it is issued.

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Sonoma County Ordinance

Sonoma County Ordinance

  • Chapter 13 - Sonoma County Fire Safety Ordinance, 
  • Chapter 29 - Hazardous Materials Management (CUPA/HBMP)

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