Permit Sonoma Fire Prevention

Development in the State Responsibility Area

Date Issued2-2017
Code Reference2016 California Building and Residential Code and Amended 2016 Sonoma County Fire and Building Codes.
TopicAddition and Remodels of Building Within the Wildland Urban Interface or SRA
For Use ByApplicants, PRMD and Fire Prevention Staff


The purpose of the requirement is to establish minimum standards for the protection of life and property by increasing the ability of a building located in any Fire Hazard Severity Zone within State Responsibility Areas or any Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area to resist the intrusion of flame or burning embers projected by a vegetation fire and contributes to a systematic reduction in conflagration losses.


Beginning January 1, 2017, buildings undergoing a remodel and/or addition for which an application for a building permit is required, located in any Fire Hazard Severity Zone or Wildland Interface Fire Area, shall comply with the wildland urban interface area requirements of the 2016 California Building Code, the 2016 California Residential Code. 

There is currently no county amendments for more restrictive requirements. 

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