Permit Sonoma Fire Prevention

Required Weld Inspections Fire Sprinklers

Date Issued11-2012, Revised 7-2014
TopicRequired Weld Inspections
Code ReferenceNFPA 13, 2013 Edition
For Use ByFire Sprinkler Contractors
With technology the requirements for an additional inspection for Weld pipe has become excessive. This inspection requires additional inspection time, cost for hours and additional down time on the construction site.

Sonoma County Fire and Emergency Services have provided a bulletin to help facilitate the applicant and inspection staff.

Weld Inspections will no longer be required when the contractor can provide evidence that the pipe was manufactured and inspected by a certified welder from a facility that specializes in the manufacturing of Fire Sprinkler Pipe for NFPA 13 systems. It will be the contractor’s responsibility to submit the necessary paperwork to Sonoma County Fire and Emergency Service staff prior to the installation.

If evidence is not provided, then the inspection of pipe will be required including the necessary fees to recover cost of the inspection time per the adopted Fee Schedule by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors.

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