Permit Sonoma Fire Prevention

Number of Fire Plan Submittals

Date Issued10-2010, Revised 7-2014
TopicNumber of Submittals for Fire Plan Review
Code ReferenceSonoma County Fire Safety Ordinance
For Use ByApplicants and Contractors

In effort to reduce cost to applicants and the waste of paper resources, Sonoma County Fire will only request two (2) copies of plans and related documents for plan review when the review is FIRE related only. The Following copies will be required for the permitted site and one copy for the permanent file.

Examples are:

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems For Residential and Commercial
  • Fire Alarms Systems
  • Commercial Cooking Suppression Systems
  • Fire Line Underground when not part of a grading / utilities permit
  • Fire Pumps

Plans shall always be submitted with cut sheets, manufactures listings and engineers approval if applicable.

If you have questions regarding the number of submittals please call Commercial Fire Plan Check at (707) 565-2361.

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