Permit Sonoma Fire Prevention

Hold Downs

Date Issued1-2011 Revised 7-2014
TopicLPG Tank Hold Downs
Code Reference 2013 California Fire Code, California Plumbing Code and NFPA 
For Use By Installers, Home Owners and LPG Companies 

Tank Hold Downs

Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) Hold downs are used for the purpose of seismic and or flood zone anchoring. This coded was added to the CFC to prevent LPG connection failures at the tank during a seismic or flood event.

Hold downs can be accomplished in the form of Bolting, Strapping or Anchoring. 


LPG tanks can be installed on a concrete slab non-engineered. The legs of the LPG tank shall attached by corrosion resistant concrete anchored type fitted bolt or stud with a washer, securely tightened down.

Tanks located in Flood Zones will also be required to utilize Earth Anchors unless slab can be engineered to prevent floating.


Stranded Cable can be of.25 of an inch galvanized or stainless

Strapping shall be 1.25 x.031 stainless steel, minimum tensile strength of 4750 Pounds. Or 1.25 x.031 galvanized steel, class B, grade 1, minimum tensile strength of 4750 pounds. 

Earth Anchors Flood Zones

Earth Anchors are approved for all conditions and Shall be used in Flood Zones

Other Materials

Minimum Grade, Stainless Steel or Galvanized Steel

1/2 inch Bolts,  1/2 inch Eye Bolts or 1/2 inch Lag Bolt approved for seismic protection only. The bolt shall be installed in concrete slab or treated wood with a minimum thickness of 4 inches x 4 inches and set in concrete at a minimum of 2’-0” feet below grade. 

3/8 inch minimum turn buckle shall be used to remove excess slack from cable or strapping and shall be of stainless or galvanized.


Shall be approved by the fire code and building official on a per-case application.

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