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Alternate Water Sources Working Group Meeting

September 18, 2018 from 10:00 AM 12:00 PM

Permit and Resource Management Department
2550 Ventura Avenue
Hearing Room
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
38.465074, -122.723705

Join us on September 18th to explore with soil and water scientist Hollie Hall, the issues and opportunities that legal cannabis growers face with water sourcing issues, water quality issues, and the features of sustainable cannabis farm water systems. The second presenter will be Obi Kaufmann author of “The California Field Atlas.”

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Alternate Water Sources Working Group
Tuesday, September 18, 2018
10:00 PM – 12:00 PM
Permit Sonoma Hearing Room


Hollie Hall – “Water use on cannabis farms” (30 minutes)
Obi Kaufmann – “Water, Earth, Fire, and Air: The California Field Atlas” (30 minutes)

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Regular Business

  • Introductions (15 minutes)
  • Working Groups – Check-ins on each of the 5 working groups (15-20 minutes)
    • Speaker Events: suggested speakers for future meetings
      • Carlos Borja – Los Angeles County Public Health Water Reuse
      • Anna Birkas – Mendocino College
      • Joe Scriven, Fisheries Biologist/Project Manager Mendocino County RCD
      • Art Deicke - Environmental Pollution Solutions, LLC
    • DIY Subcommittee
      • Updates on new installations – All
    • Professional Subcommittee
      • QWEL Graywater installer training course update – Greg
      • Rainwater Catchment installer training manual update
    • Rainwater/Graywater Research Forum Subcommittee
      • Local Research Updates
      • OAEC Composting toilet research project
      • UC Davis Center for Water-Energy Efficiency Technical Advisory Committee - Winery Water and Energy Savings project - James
    • Policy Committee
      • CPC Triennial Code Adoption Cycle 2019
      • Permit Sonoma Graywater- and Rainwater Catchment-ready model ordinances
      • California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health (CCDEH) and Water Reuse policy (SB966)
  • New Business (10 minutes)
    • Russian River Pilot for the CA Water Plan Update 2018 – Dirk
    • Study project for Cannabis wastewater/water usage analysis - Agricultural Commissioner’s Office
    • AquaShares
    • Continuity of the Alternate Water Sources Working Group after June 2019

Speaker Bios

Hollie Hall, International Cannabis Farmers Association

Bio Hollie HallHollie Hall is a soil and water scientist with expertise in providing Cannabis farmers the support needed to transition farms into environmentally compliant, water secure, regenerative agricultural systems. She draws from two decades of experience in natural resources management, global studies of agricultural practices and training in adaptive water resource management to design, coordinate and implement “beyond compliance” solutions for Cannabis farms. She works with government agencies, non-profits and the private sector to integrate the needs of society, government and environment to drive the establishment of Cannabis farmers who implement watershed-friendly practices that reverse the negative impacts of historic natural resources extraction practices.

Her professional goals are to redefine the dominant societal perspective of Cannabis industries via participation in development of farm management systems, breaking of barriers between farmers and government agents and participation in policy development processes. In addition to operating two natural resources consulting firms, Hollie serves as a board member of the Humboldt County Cannabis Chamber of Commerce and the Humboldt Cannabis Council, two organizations that integrate diverse stakeholder groups and provide expert opinion regarding emerging Cannabis industries.

Obi Kaufman, naturalist, author, illustrator

Bio Obi KaufmanGrowing up in the East Bay as the son of an astrophysicist and a psychologist, Obi Kaufmann spent most of high school practicing calculus and breaking away on weekends to scramble around Mount Diablo and map its creeks, oak forests, and sage mazes. Into adulthood, he would regularly journey into the mountains, spending more summer nights without a roof than with one. He is author and illustrator of the California Field Atlas, having enjoyed two months at the number one spot for non-fiction paperbacks in Northern California and continues to rank in the top ten. For Kaufmann, the epic narrative of the California backcountry holds enough art, science, mythology, and language for a hundred field atlases to come. He is an illustrator for Bay Nature Magazine, the Berkeley Times and Premium Arts, as well as a long-term collaborator with the men’s apparel brand Indigofera. Obi is working on his latest book, STATE OF WATER- a field atlas to the conservation of California's most precious resource - a book to be published by HEYDAY books in April 2019. When he is not backpacking, you can find the painter-poet at his desk in Oakland, posting @coyotethunder #trailpaintings on social media. His website is

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