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Setback Requirements

Minimum Horizontal Distance Required From:Graywater Irrigation Field Distance in Feet
Building structures 12
Property line adjoining private property1.5
Water supply wells 2100
Streams and lakes 2100 3
Leachfield/Expansion Area4 4
Septic tank5
Onsite domestic water service line0 8
Pressurized public water main10 5
  1. Building structures do not include the following:
    • porches and steps, whether covered or uncovered
    • breeze ways
    • roofed porte cocheres
    • roofed patios
    • carports
    • covered walks
    • covered driveways
    • similar structures or appurtenances
  2. Where special hazards are involved, the distance required shall be increased as directed by the Enforcing Agency.
  3. These minimum clear horizontal distances shall also apply between the irrigation or disposal field and the ocean mean higher hightide line.
  4. Plus two (2) feet for each additional foot of depth in excess of one (1) foot below the bottom of the Septic Leach line.
  5. For parallel construction or crossings, approval by the Enforcing Agency shall be required.
  6. Recommend five (5) feet.

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