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Survey & Land Development

The Survey and Land Development section, which includes the County Surveyor, reviews all subdivision and survey maps before recordation for the activities listed below. The County Surveyor does not perform the field work necessary for the listed activities. You will need the assistance of a third party land surveyor to perform much of the work required for application for the listed activities.

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Survey Monument Conservation Letter

A letter from the County Surveyor about the importance of conserving property corners and survey monumentation during the clean-up and rebuild process.

Read Letter (PDF: 373 kB)


These are the activities in which the County Surveyor has a role:

Annexation (ANNEX)

The incorporation of new territory into the domain of a city or utility district.

Certificates of Correction (COC)

A recorded document used by surveyors when filing a notice with the County recorder about errors or omissions on a plat.

Certificate of Modification (CMO)

Modifications can be made to recorded a parcel map (Minor Subdivision) or a final map (Major Subdivision) through the Certificate of Modification procedure. Typical modifications to recorded maps include changes to agency notes upon the maps, relocation or removal of easements, and relocation or enlargement of building envelopes.

Miscellaneous Legal Description Review

Miscellaneous Legal Description Review for Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District, Agriculture, Weights and Measures Department, and Sonoma County Regional Parks.

Lot Line Adjustment (LLA)

An adjustment of a line or lines between legal parcels.

Record of Survey (ROS)

A Record of Survey is an official map that is reviewed by the surveyor. This map represents a survey made on the round and delineates deed described lines, or lines related to survey control.
SUR-003 Record of Survey Submittal Requirements Checklist (PDF)

Right of Way Vacation (RWV)

A Right-of-Way Vacation is required whenever the County “vacates” or “removes public interest” in County road right-of-way and it is relinquished to the abutting properties. Most commonly, applicants request a vacation to allow greater development freedom for their property, for example, to add extra parking or structures, allow conformance with setback standards, and accommodate gated access to an area.

Surveyor / Land Development (SUR)

Tracks various survey or land development activities such subdivision maps, improvement plans, corner records and right-of-way vacations.

Corner Record

A corner record is a legal document filed with the County by a licensed land surveyor to document surveyed lines and monumentation. Is it a survey made to establish or reestablish a corner or other related survey control.

Improvement Plans

Improvement plans are needed as part of the review process for subdivisions or grading improvements. They are also needed for non-subdivision improvements in the right of way.
SUR-002 Improvement Plans Submittal Requirements Checklist (PDF)


Review of Final Maps, Parcel Maps, Records of Survey, and Corner Records for compliance with appropriate laws pertaining to each map, including amended maps.
SUR-001 Parcel/Final Map Submittal Requirements Checklist (PDF)

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