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Code Enforcement Appeal/Abatement Hearing 

June 28, 2019 at 9:00 AM

Permit Sonoma
2550 Ventura Avenue
Hearing Room
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
38.465074, -122.723705


Note: Hearings will not start prior to the scheduled time, however, start times may be delayed if a hearing runs longer than the allotted time.

Item Number: 1
Time:9:00 AM
File Number: VBU17-0620, VBU17-0621, VBU17-0622

Rodney T. Fagundes TR and Marieka Fagundes TR


2130 Laguna Road, Santa Rosa




Todd Hoffman


To consider the appeal of an Administrative Determination for a non-permitted secondary dwelling unit with a 3’ x 3’ addition and non-permitted installation of a water heater in violation of Sonoma County Code Chapter 7.

Item Number: 2
Time:10:00 AM
File Number:


Owner: Michael E. Mullen TR & Connie Mullen TR

7589 Mirabel Road, Forestville


Nathan Peacock


To consider the abatement of junkyard conditions in violation of Sonoma County Code Chapter 26.

Item Number: 3
Time:11:00 AM
File Number:

VPL19-0280, VBU19-0157, 0158, 0159, 0160, 0161, VBU17-0533, 0534

Owner: Martin Obrien Et Al dba Sammy Carpet Care

7955 Saint Helena Road, Santa Rosa




Jesse Cablk


To consider the appeal of an administrative determination of violations for the unpermitted construction of a 10’ x 15’ shed with electrical, a 8’ x 20’ land/sea cargo container, two (2) 500 gallon propane tanks, two (2) water tanks, a 3’ x 5’ pump shed with electrical, gas, and water heater in violation of Sonoma County Code Chapter 7.  To also consider the appeal of the use of the property for unpermitted commercial cannabis cultivation in violation of Sonoma County Code Chapter 26 and abated pursuant to the Sonoma County Code

Item Number: 4
Time:11:30 AM
File Number:

VBU19-0009, 0010, VPL19-0001

Owner: Robert Weiss TR, Patricia Weiss TR Et Al, Paul Butler Trust

101/135 Grant School Road, Healdsburg




Andrew Lee


To consider the appeal of determinations of violation for the unpermitted use of the property for cannabis cultivation in violation of Sonoma County Code Chapter 26 and the unpermitted construction of tenant improvements within an “office” building and within a “warehouse” including partition walls and plumbing in violation of Sonoma County Code Chapter 7 and to order abatement if said appeal is denied or withdrawn.

ADA Accessibility: The County of Sonoma does not discriminate on the basis of disability and no person shall, by reason of a disability, be denied the benefits of its services, programs, or activities. This hearing is located in an accessible facility. If you wish to request a copy of the Agenda in an alternate format, or would like to attend this meeting and will require special assistance in order to participate, please contact Elizabeth Koetke at (707) 565-3715 at least 72 hours prior to the hearing to make arrangements.

Administrative Hearings are conducted at the time stated on the agenda, or after the stated time if another item takes longer. County staff will first give a brief report, followed by the property owner or his/her agent’s presentation.

If you wish to speak on an item which appears on this agenda, please wait for the County and the property owner’s presentations to conclude. Typically, the Hearing Officer will then open the hearing for public comment. The hearings are recorded by a stenographer and all testimony must be given through the microphone or submitted in writing. Please state your name upon approaching the microphone. Each person may speak only once and is usually granted 3 to 5 minutes. Time limits are at the discretion of the Hearing Officer.

Please be respectful of the speakers and the varying points of view. No clapping, booing, or speaking out of turn. At the end of the hearing, the owner may be given an opportunity to respond to the comments received. The Hearing Officer will close the public hearing and once the hearing is closed, no further public comments can be received. The Hearing Officer will then review the matter at hand and make a decision within 20 days from the date of the hearing.