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Clothes Washer System Requirements

  • The graywater system utilizes only a single domestic clothes washing machine in a one or two family dwelling.
  • The graywater system includes a diversion valve that will allow the graywater to be diverted to the building sewer or septic tank.
  • The diversion valve must be used when
    • water is used to wash diapers and/or similarly soiled or infectious linens and garments;
    • during saturated soil conditions.
  • The graywater generated only comes from the washing machine or laundry tub.
  • All graywater generated will be contained within the property boundary.
  • The graywater system will not be used to dispose of hazardous chemicals such as those derived from cleaning car parts, washing greasy or oily rags, home photo labs or other like activities.
  • The graywater system meets all site and waterway setback requirements (see table).
  • The distribution of graywater is all sub-surface, covered by a minimum of two (2) inches of soil, rock, mulch, or other approved shield.
  • Graywater shall not be used to irrigate root crops or edible parts of food crops that touch the soil.
  • The graywater system does not include a potable water connection or pump and the system meets the design and construction standards found in the state regulations.
  • The finished system must have an operation manual for the homeowner and it shall be provided to any new homeowner at time of sale or transfer.

Plumbing Permit Requirements

Contact the Permit Sonoma Building Division (for unincorporated Sonoma County) or the local building official (incorporated cities) for plumbing permit requirements.

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